I am watching American Idol right now.  God, this show sucks you in, even though it’s so easy to hate it.

I mean, it’s obvious that plenty of these contestants (including Carly and Kristy Lee) are plants.  Come on, Carly and Randy Jackson were at the same label at one point!  David Archuleta has family ties to the producers at American Idol!

It’s a cheesy karaoke contest.  There’s enough filler to fill a swimming pool.  Randy has become more incoherent than Paula.  And if I have to hear “Against All Odds” one more time, I’ll be throwing limp Boca patties at the TV.

Still, these things don’t bother me.

I love this show.  I love obsessing about it on the boards, I love the contestants’ stories; I love the near-daily analyses on ew.com.

There is just one thing that bugs me.


There is a group of tweenage girls that fills a pit in front of the judges’ stand.  While that’s only a minor change, the difference is that these people are always standing, they’re much closer, and they SWAY THEIR DAMN HANDS OFF-RHYTHM TO ANY REMOTELY SLOW SONG, AND PLENTY OF OTHER SONGS, TOO.

Not only is this excruciating to watch from a distance, the hands are now starting to get in the way of the cameras!  There is a great shot of a performer and it’s disrupted by a hand with sausage-like fingers on it waving, or worse, weakly almost-clapping, smack dab in the middle of the screen.

(Carly’s singing now.  Did anyone else think she would sing the Old School version of the song?  Is it bad that I think of that as the default version of the song?  TATTOO FACE!  TATTOO FACE!  THEY SHOWED HER HUSBAND IN THE AUDIENCE!!)

American Idol producers, pretty much every commentator has said the same thing.


Or at least restrain the audience from waving their arms.