One of my roommates recently introduced me to GoodReads, a really cool site that connects lovers of books.  You can write reviews, read reviews, see what your friends are reading and decide what to read next.

(Ironically, my roommate and I have the complete opposite taste in books!  We discovered that a few weeks after I moved in.  I love The Time Traveler’s Wife; she liked The Secret Life of Bees.)

I’ve always checked out books on Amazon first, but this is so much better — you don’t have to scroll forever to find reviews, you can just click and the whole review appears, and you don’t have to deal with ads and Listmania! everywhere.

Check out my profile here.  I’ve reviewed five of my favorite books, including hilarious memoir Julie & Julia, the hardcore Lonely Planet Bluelist 2007 and my all-time favorite, The Sun Also Rises.

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