As you’ve probably heard already, genetic research has proven that Barack Obama is distantly related to Brad Pitt, while Hillary Clinton is distantly related to Angelina Jolie.

Most people read this and were mildly amused.

Photoshop genius Gilmore, of Pretty on the Outside, took it to the next level.

I present: Obradma!

Obradma knows how to excite a population — with his political views, he incites cheers; when he takes off his shirt, he incites fainting spells.  He knows that the poorest and neediest in the U.S. are the ones who need our help the most right now.

And Hillangelina!

Hillangelina is smarter and better-informed than the rest of you, and she knows it.  She holds a new kind of power rarely seen, and she never appears caught off guard in public.

Who gets your vote?

PS — Obradma, get some chapstick!  Please!  It hurts me to look at those lips!