I was on dlisted.com the other day when I noticed an ad for Leviticus Jewelry depicting a really cool silver necklace with dangling handcuffs.  I clicked on the site and discovered unique, unusual jewelry, each piece more daring than the last.

Check out this necklace:

It’s really interesting!  It’s really different, and that’s why I like it.  Personally, though, the only thing I don’t like about it is the chain.  I would like to see a more delicate chain.

I asked my friends from work if they would wear it, and here are their responses (and I hope I put the correct name with each response):

Nadine: “It looks like something that got spit out of a recycling machine.”

Jess: “I kind of like it too.”

Cheryl: “No, it would take out my teeth if it hit me in the face or the street light post would poke my eye out.”

Lauren: “It is kind of cute.  Of course, I do love miniature furniture.  You should get a lot of remarks about it.”

Jackie: “No.”

What do you think?  It costs $89.00.  Even if you got it for free, would you wear it?