Which one’s scarier?  You decide.

One of my friends at work and I were talking about the Pope’s visit to the U.S. today, and he commented that the Pope kind of looked like the stereotypical image of an evil entity.

I told him he hadn’t seen anything yet.

I then went on a mad search for one of the funniest avatars I’ve seen on the internet — it was an animated GIF of the Pope turning into Darth Vader, at the point in the film when Hayden Christiansen first becomes deformed and he’s hiding under the cloak.

(Believe it or not, I’ve never seen any of the Star Wars movies because the first one scared me so much when I was little.  I was so afraid that Darth Vader was lurking in my bedroom that my dad had to comfort me for months.)

I searched and searched and couldn’t find it.

However, I found something even more amazing: the official petition nominating Darth Vader for Pope!

To:  The Roman Catholic Church

Dear the Roman Catholic Church
We understand that the creation of a new Pope is not usually a democratic process, however we feel that all options must be considered before you make such an important decision. That being the case we ask you to consider Darth Vader, dark lord of the Sith for the position. We feel he would make an excellent leader, would return Catholicism back to it’s roots, and would be instrumental in reconverting young people back to the faith. He would also be unlikely to molest small boys, which has got to be a plus in this modern world of ours. Remember those days when the Church commanded a fanatical cult following, and atrocities against other religions were committed with but a wave of the hand? Well, with Lord Vader at the helm those days can be here again.

So please, give in to anger, fear and aggression. Choose Darth Vader as the new Pope.


The Undersigned

Beyond fantastic.

Well, I couldn’t find that image of the Pope turning into Darth Vader, so here’s the next best thing: