On a bit of a whim, Lisa and I decided to go to Foxwoods yesterday.  We decided that we needed to do a bit of gambling practice before we go to Vegas in June.

I’ve been practicing Blackjack since seeing 21 (and reading Bringing Down the House, the book that inspired the movie), and I was eager to try it out.

But when we got there, it was so intimidating — we were leered at everywhere we went.  To be frank, we were the best looking people there by FAR, and I say that truthfully.  If you’ve ever been there (and it was my second time — I’ve also been to Mohegan Sun once), you know the crowd — EVERYONE is old, and there are wheelchairs and oxygen tanks everywhere.

It’s quite depressing, actually.

First, we met up with Janelle, who drove up from Sacred Heart, and we grabbed some Panera.  Janelle had to head back after a bit, and Lisa and I headed over to play hih stakes bingo.

It was fun, though not as fun as the first time I went a few years ago, and we ended up leaving after a few hours of highly competitive play and realizing that we couldn’t keep up with the grannies.

We then hit the Blackjack tables.

I was scared, but I had promised myself that I would play Blackjack publicly for the first time ever.  Then a guy beckoned me over to a table.  I joined.

The minimum was $15.00.  I got $45.00 in chips and decided that if I lost that, that would be it.

Hand #1:

  • Bet $15.00
  • Lost the hand
  • Total winnings: $-15.00

Hand #2:

  • Bet $15.00
  • Won the hand!!
  • Total winnings: $0.00

Hand #3:

  • Bet $15.00
  • Total winnings: $22.50

Hand #4:

  • Bet $15.00
  • Won the hand!!
  • Total winnings: $37.50

Hand #5:

  • Bet $15.00
  • Won the hand!!
  • Total winnings: $52.50

Hand #6:

  • Decided to up things and bet $20.00
  • Got a 2 and a 9, while the dealer had an 8
  • Doubled down — bet $40.00
  • Won the hand!!
  • Total winnings: $92.50

At that point, I knew it was time to quit.  I was ahead, and I might not have as much money if I kept playing.

So that was that!

Lisa, as we walked away: “Those few minutes were more exciting than the entire time playing bingo.”

And now I cannot WAIT for Vegas!!