Let’s start with a confession.  I’ve been using the same exact eyeshadow — not just the same color, but THE SAME EYESHADOW FROM THE SAME CONTAINER — since high school!

It’s bad.  I know.

I tend to wear the same makeup every day, occasionally changing it up for nights out.  Each day I wear foundation (mixed with a bit of moisturizer), concealer (if I’m breaking out badly), powder, taupe eyeshadow, gray eyeliner, black mascara on both my lashes and brows (more on that later), and either reddish-brown or reddish-purple lip gloss.

The eyeshadow is Maybelline Shadow Trio in Tassled Taupes.  Taupe is a perfect color for me — it’s a great contrast to my blue eyes while picking up the yellow flecks in my irises, and it works well with my olive skin tone (especially during the summer).

I never ran out, despite wearing it almost every day, so I saw no reason to buy a new one (even though you’re supposed to replace powders every 18 months or so).  I didn’t even replace it after the light-colored powder had fallen out and the compact had broken apart.

And then they discontinued the color.

It wasn’t until recently that I told myself that I had to grow up already and buy a new one.

I combed through the huge Sephora at the Pru but couldn’t find anything that matched.  If I couldn’t find anything there, I was doomed, I figured.

Until today.

I was at CVS buying concealer when I found the most perfect eyeshadow: Revlon’s Make a Sheen in 865, Olive it Up.

Check it out:

I tried it on and I LOVE IT!!  It’s even better!  There’s so much depth!

Now, if only I can get myself to throw my old compact away.

No.  I’ve had it since the year 2000 or so.  I can’t bring myself to do it just yet