As you’ve likely heard by now, I’m heading to Las Vegas in a few weeks.  It’s my first time visiting — though I already feel like I know the Strip backward and forward.  (At my old job, my clients went to Las Vegas a lot and I worked with a lot of the promoters there.)

I’m going with Lisa and a few of our other friends.  We’ve been planning out our itinerary meticulously, and it looks like we’ve got it nearly finalized.  (And while I’m very lackadaisical when it comes to travel, Vegas is one place where you need to plan an itinerary in advance so you get the most out of your trip.)

We’re going within a few weeks.  Here is our itinerary:


–Kate and Lisa arrive at 4:00 PM and check in at T.I. (formerly Treasure Island).
–After primping, exploring the immediate area and checking out the Sirens show, either grab dinner at Isla at T.I. or grab a cab to the Hard Rock and eat at Pink Taco.
–Hang out at the Center Bar.
–Check out the casino, maybe playing a tad of Blackjack or Roulette.
–Dancing at Body English until late.


–The others arrive at 10:00 AM.
–Head down to the Paris and have brunch at Le Village Buffet.
–Walk around and explore the casinos and attractions nearby, including the giant Victoria’s Secret at Caesars Palace.
–Back to T.I. to primp and get our hair blown out for the night.
–Lisa and Kate have dinner at Tao, then get drinks in the lounge.  (Simultaneously, the others have dinner on their own and go to Ray Romano’s show.  Yep, Ray’s still a family friend of hers.)
–Everyone meets up at Tao Nightclub and dances until late.
–I’d love to go to Drai’s, the after hours club, but I don’t know if that’s going to happen!


–Brunch at the T.I. buffet.
–Walk around the Venetian and check out the canals and shops.
–Visit Madame Tussaud’s.
–Head over to the Wynn to explore.
–Back to T.I. to primp.
–Dinner package at the Mirage.  I’m hoping for Japonais, but it will probably be somewhere else.
–See Cirque du Soleil: The Beatles LOVE at the Mirage.
–Head over to the Wynn to go to Tryst (likely just Lisa and Kate).


–Brunch somewhere.
–Relax at the pool for much of the day, cocktails in hand.
–Get ready for the night and primp.
–Dinner at the Grand Lux Cafe at the Venetian.
–Head over to the Rio.
–Hang out at Flirt Lounge and possibly also Voodoo Lounge for the view of the Strip.


–Peel ourselves out of bed and grab flights home.  Land at Logan at 12:35 AM.  Work the next day.  Yikes.

There is so much that I want to do in Vegas.  After I do this basic trip, I kind of want to go back for a regular, 2-night weekend and just stay at the Palms the whole time.  We’re not getting to the Palms this time, but at least we’re getting to check out T.I., Hard Rock, Paris, Venetian, Wynn, Mirage and Rio at the very least.

We also got a pretty good deal.  We booked our tickets about a month and a half ago and got both the flights (switching in Dallas) and four nights at the hotel for $609 total.

I’m hoping to get a lot out of this — but most of all, I hope to get some incredible stories to tell!  I’m also hoping for a celebrity sighting or two — George Michael and Sarah Silverman will be there, but I swear, if I run into Wayne Brady, I will likely faint.

Good times are coming!  🙂