1. Mary J. Blige, “Everything” — this is a song of my youth that I loved back in the day, and I think it’s so unabashedly romantic without being schmaltzy in any way, and it’s a great song to listen to when thinking about someone you want to be with.
  2. Ne-Yo, “Closer” — His music is the R&B equivalent of cotton candy.  Light, perfect, simple, available in large quantities.  Nothing too deep, but that’s okay.  And I love everything he does.
  3. Gavin Rossdale, “Love Remains the Same” — I think he sounds a lot like Seal, but in less of a club way and more of a rock way.  Beautiful song, too.
  4. Estelle feat. Kanye West, “American Boy” — This song has such a modern sound to it, and I love her voice, too.  And I love Kanye West.  Which brings me to…
  5. Kanye West, “Flashing Lights” — The best song on his album, which says a lot.  Still obsessed with it.
  6. New Kids on the Block, “Summertime” — Oh, come on.  You love it, too.
  7. Plies feat. Ne-Yo, “Bust It Baby” — by all accounts, I should hate Plies.  He has such a lazy style, I don’t like his voice, and he’s unnecessarily raunchy.  Yet I love everything I’ve ever heard by him…he collaborates wisely.
  8. Ashlee Simpson, “Boys” — I never, EVER thought I would enjoy a song by Ashlee Simpson.  EVER.  But while I can’t stand the sound of her voice, this is one of the best dance tracks I’ve heard by a mainstream artist since Nelly Furtado’s “Promiscuous.”
  9. Colby O’Donis feat. Akon, “What You Got” — a great dance R&B song.  But really, must Akon have himself saying “CONVICT” and the slam at the beginning of every song to which he contributes, not just songs of his own?!  Still, love it.
  10. Chris Brown, “Take You Down” — Is this kid really only 18?  Because this is one of the sexiest songs I’ve heard lately.  I love it because it sounds modern but with a lot of nods to Jodeci-esque slow jams of the 90s.  Love it, love it, love it.