I’ve almost finished up my Vegas shopping!  I went and bought a ton of items at Express today, including a few new pairs of earrings to finish off the outfits.

Here they are:

Friday night:

Top and shorts: Express

This outfit is red-hot and a perfect way to start off our wild and crazy weekend.

The sleeves look a bit weird in this picture, but they hang very nicely, and the boat neck is flattering.  The top is very sheer, and I’m undecided about what to wear underneath it.  Probably a black tank top, just so the pictures come out okay.

Saturday night:


Dress: Roberto Cavalli

Saturday is our biggest night out, with Tao and who knows what else, and what better way to do Vegas than in a designer dress?  (Who cares if I got it for cheap off eBay?  ;-))  It’s got the signature in a few different places, it’s got the gold snake at the neck, and it’s sexy and backless.  And unlike anything I usually wear.  That’s a good thing.

Sunday night:

Dress: Express

On Sunday, we’re going to see LOVE, so I have to be a bit classy for that.  I immediately fell in love with this adorable, short dress from Express.  I love wearing pink and black together, and the sequins give it a little glitz — yet keep it very wearable, and it won’t wrinkle, either!

This will be good for going to Tryst afterward, too.  Perfect for a show and perfect for the club.

Monday night:

Top and shorts: Express

Okay, on Monday, we’re going to Chippendales, so I had to pick something fun and flirty!  This is a perfect outfit for that.  In fact, I’m wearing it right now, as I type this.  It’s SUCH a fun outfit, especially with my new big gold earrings.  It’s kind of hard to tell in this picture, but it’s a halter with a gold chain at the top.

As for daytime in Vegas, I’m either going to wear either pair of shorts or my black pants, and I’ll throw a black skirt in my bag, too.  I’m bringing a few of my standard going-out tops — leopard-print and hot pink — that are great for going out in Boston but not quite special enough for Vegas.  They’re good for daytime.  I might bring a pair of jeans, too, but I’m undecided about that.

And I still need to buy a bathing suit.  That will be tomorrow.  Maybe I’ll even get one of those crazy bikini-like one-pieces that are so hot right now.

Just think — five days from now, I’ll be partying at the Hard Rock with Lisa!