Las Vegas was INCREDIBLE.  There are no other words to describe just how amazing of a time I had.

Before I get into the details, here are some pearls of wisdom I accrued during my trip:

  1. Wear flats — always! I’m a big fan of heels and I bought some super-comfortable heels that looked great.  Well, an hour into our walk, I was in so much pain that I had to buy a pair of flip-flops down by the MGM Grand.  I’m never in pain from heels, but the Strip will do that to you.  WEAR FLATS!
  2. Don’t bother bringing jeans if you go in the summer. It was so hot there — and don’t get me wrong, I loved it! — that you want to wear as little clothing as socially acceptable.  For me, that meant shorts, short dresses and short skirts at all times.
  3. Find contacts at the clubs in advance. I can’t imagine how people go to the clubs without a contact inside, especially someplace like Tao on Saturday night.  If you don’t know any VIP hosts, ask around — Yelp is great for that.
  4. Don’t fly out in the morning, especially if you’re coming from the east coast. I had a 10:00 AM flight, meaning that I woke up at 7:00 AM, or 4:00 AM Vegas time.  Even though I slept a bit on the plane, we were so exhausted by the time we had dinner that we had to take a nap and then have a latte before heading to Pure.
  5. Everything on the Strip is so far away. Plan to be walking for a LONG time.  It’s hard to estimate distances because EVERYTHING is so big — there’s nothing normal-sized for comparison.  And walking from TI to the MGM Grand and back is borderline torture, and Lisa and I are already major walkers!
  6. Madame Tussaud’s is a must-see. That’s where you’ll likely get the best pictures and have the funniest moments of your trip.
  7. The cheapest bottles of water are in that area on the East side of the Strip by the Hawaiian Marketplace. There are lots of stores that have water for cheaper than anything else — and it gets expensive in Vegas.  Try $3.50 or more for a regular-sized Aquafina.  Keep drinking because it’s important to stay hydrated in such a hot place.
  8. PEOPLE, DO NOT BRING YOUR KIDS TO VEGAS! Despite what some people say, Las Vegas is NOT a place for children.  People hand out fliers with naked women on them in the street, and the “pirate show” is a showdown between hott pirates and strippers.  Don’t kid yourself.  Go for a weekend with your significant other or your friends, NOT YOUR KIDS.