Even before arriving in Vegas, we knew that Madame Tussaud’s would be one of the highlights of our trip.  And it sure didn’t disappoint!  While anyone can pose with a bunch of wax statues, we’re the Brood — so, naturally, we kicked it up a notch or eleven.

There are dozens of pictures — we have nearly 200 between the three of us — so I’m going to just post the absolute funniest of the pictures that we have.  (I’ve also taken care to omit the REALLY inappropriate ones.  Let me know if you want to see those!)


3/4 of the Brood and Hef — complete with motorboat!

Me and The Rock — I kind of forget to keep one eyebrow down.

Boozin’ with Sean Connery!  (As you can see, we removed the props whenever we could.)

Blue Men!

We told this guy that he HAD to put on the wedding dress and marry George.

You can put on a dress and marry George, or just get it on with him.  Guess which one I chose?

Alexa: “I’ll curse YOU, Bambino!”

Tiger!  RAWR!

Alexa attempts to kill Arnold Palmer!!  Easily one of the funniest shots.

Alexa gets punched by Evander Holyfield.

Lisa gets on top of Britney.

I’ll include a nice one.  Here’s me and my idol, Stevie.  I think this one looks pretty realistic.

Lisa rocks out with Steven Tyler.  “BON JOVI!  BON JOVI!!”

Alexa as Blanket, Michael Jackson’s hidden child!

California Love with 2Pac.  Lisa’s wearing his bandanna.


I climb into Frank’s arms.

AND THEN I GET STUCK IN HIM!  I was laughing so hard, I nearly peed my pants…Lisa and Alexa were nearly falling over, too.

Lisa gives Judy Garland a high-five.

Alexa and Pavarotti — RIP.

I do something that I’ve wanted to do for a long, long time.


“What?  No way!  WE LANDED ON THE MOON!”

Dumb & Dumber