It took quite some time for me to make this decision.

The iPhone is awesome. I don’t need to tell anyone that — it’s obvious to anyone who has ever held one!

Of course, it’s a question of finances. I’ve been getting cell phone service through my dad, who is retired from one of the major wireless companies (not AT&T). Because he’s a retiree, he gets a great rate.

Now my dad has let me know that he’s cutting me off. I don’t mind. Really. 🙂 I felt guilty about mooching off of him. It was the one thing I’ve let him pay for. I haven’t let him or my mom pay for a thing since I moved out a year and a half ago. (And I moved out the very moment I could afford to do so.)

So I’ll be paying for a new wireless plan, no matter what.

Anyway, the iPhone is awesome, and I want one. And now it’s half the price and twice as fast, with a bunch of the kinks worked out from the first go-round. So now, more than ever, it makes sense for me to do so.  I’m doing much better financially than I was a few months ago (not that I was ever doing badly.  I was doing well, and now I’m doing GREAT!).

And I just got my economic stimulus check in the mail. That makes a big impact.

So I’ve thought, I’ve researched phones and I’ve compared plans.

I’m very excited to say that it’s time! I’m getting an iPhone when it comes out on Friday!

Now, getting it will be easier said than done. I need to wrangle myself off my dad’s plan, yet keep his plan intact. And I have no idea how easy it will be to get a phone itself. The phones go on sale at 8:00 AM, and there are two AT&T stores in Downtown Crossing, where my office is. I might get there early. If not, the huge new Apple Store on Boylston might have some.

My friend Andy tells me that there will be ample supply this time around. He also plans to get to the store in Framingham at 4:00 AM. Just in case. (In other news, he’s crazy.)