My 24th birthday is this Saturday, and I wanted to pick up a new dress for the occasion.  Something short, black and sexy, yet classy.  Something good for the club and borderline semi-formal but not too dressy to wear out with more casually dressed friends.

Well, I found the perfect dress — at Bebe at the Burlington Mall, of all places!  It’s the second item I have EVER bought at that store (the first was an AWESOME leather pencil skirt that I got half off while in college, and I’m sadly too big for it now).

I took some pics with my iPhone (to which I am ADDICTED) since none of my roommates were home.  Check it out:

It’s rutched all over most of the dress, which gives it an effect of a corset — it sucks all the fat in, while showing off your curves!

Also, it’s nice for me to splurge on a good dress this summer, since I’ve lost a good amount of weight in the past six months — thanks to my vegetarian diet!  (And YES, I will be blogging about that in detail soon!)

It’s such a hot dress…I can’t wait to wear it out on Saturday.