I just discovered Wordle from The Modern Gal today.  It’s a way of turning words into art.  You submit text — either copied and pasted or from an RSS feed — and they turn it into art that you can customize any way you’d like.

It took me a while to keep it from crashing, so make sure your Java is up to date!

I can’t make the images any larger, so click on them to see the full size.

First of all, I call this one Kate’s Weight Problem. This is actually what you get when you just submit my RSS feed. Weird.

Vegas — made from my entries tagged “Vegas” (I also removed our names, but if I hadn’t, there would have been a giant “Lisa” in the middle of everything)

Friends — made from my entries tagged “My Friends Are Awesome”

Friends II — not including any of the Vegas entries

PoliticaKate — made from my “Politica” entries

I love how it says “GO FOX RUN” in the middle of “People”!

Kanye West — Good Life lyrics

Here are some by other people that I loved:

Yes We Can

Obama’s Speech on Race


This will amuse you for hours on hand! Enjoy.