My sister and I went to see Pineapple Express at the Somerville Theatre yesterday.  The movie was pretty funny but not really my thing; if you’re looking for a stoner movie, I think Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle is MUCH better.

But the real drama had nothing to do with the movie.

I adore the Somerville Theatre and not just because it’s in my neighborhood (at least until I MOVE TO THE BACK BAY two weeks from tomorrow!!!!).  In fact, I give it glowing reviews because they show great movies, they have a giant theater where concerts take place (and where you can also watch movies), and they sell beer and wine.

And about 20 minutes into the film yesterday, disaster struck.

Someone actually POURED BEER OFF THE BALCONY and hit the group in front of us.

Can you believe it?  You always picture that happening — I had always imagined it happening since childhood — but you never REALLY expect it to happen.  And then it does.

And of all the stuff to pour off a balcony, could you really do worse than beer?

Here’s the weird part — I would have been hit as well if I hadn’t moved my seat.  The three people sat directly in front of me.  I think that sitting directly in front of someone in an uncrowded movie theater (there were probably 20 people there, total, in a room that could fit several hundred) is a really rude thing to do.

So I made a face at them and switched seats to Sars’s other side so I could have an unobstructed view.  Sars rolled her eyes at the time.

Dude, I am SO glad I did that.