I just got back from seeing Pineapple Express with my sister after an eventful day of couch searching.

We went to a few different places on Route 1 but found only one that we liked — and when I say liked, I mean ADORED!

Here it is:

It’s called the Amore II.  It comes with a queen sleeper and the chaise part is MOVABLE!  The long cushion hooks onto an ottoman, so you can put it anywhere you want.  Just think of the possibilities….

But it’s more expensive than others — $849, including shipping but not including tax, which would be $891.45 with tax if we don’t buy it today.  (It’s tax-free weekend in Massachusetts, which I consider to be largely a gimmick unless you’re buying a large item like furniture.)

The money for the couch is coming out of our inheritance from our grandmother, who passed away 15 years ago this summer.  (And honestly, Noni would LOVE this couch!  Even more if it came in purple.)  Because of that, money isn’t as much of an object as it would be ordinarily.

The only problem is its size.  My bedroom is about 10′ by 15″, and my existing bed is about 89″ by 62″.  The couch is 91″ long, or just over 7.5′ long.

But I played around with a lot of layouts and found one that I think works well.

Check it out:

Each box represents six inches.  There are two windows on the side with the desk.

Now, it’s time to make some calls.  If we’re actually going to buy this, we have to do it today.  No pressure or anything…