Barack Obama has selected Joe Biden to be his running mate, and I couldn’t be happier.  I’ve always liked Biden — he has done fantastic work for this country, and I really like him as a person as well.

I’ve talked to a few people today who are lifelong Democrats but know absolutely nothing about Biden, one even dismissing him as an “empty suit.”  That couldn’t be further from the truth!  If people bothered to do a little bit of research, even just reading his Wikipedia page, they would realize that he has an incredible record.

So I’m writing this entry to teach people about who Joe Biden is and what he has done.

Here is what I like about Biden’s experience:

  • 35 years representing Delaware in the Senate; elected at age 29
  • Chaired the Senate Foreign Relations Committee three times, including right now
  • Chaired the Senate Judiciary Committee
  • He’s an expert on foreign policy — few people in America are better authorities on conflicts, leaders and current situations around the globe better than Joe Biden.
  • He recently returned from Georgia, visiting at President Saashakvili’s personal request.
  • He has done so much for crime and drug policy, including the Biden Crime Bill, which put 100,000 more cops on the streets, and created the role of the Drug Czar.
  • He wrote the Violence Against Women act! I didn’t know that until this week!
  • Other notable work: he has worked to control the spread of date rape drugs. He was one of the strategists during the war in the Balkans in the 1990s (he even met with Milosevic and famously called him a war criminal to his face).  And he has been an advocate to include sexual orientation when classifying hate crimes.

Now, here’s what I like about Biden personally:

  • He came from a working-class background and became the first person in his family to go to college, working his way through the state university.
  • His wife and baby daughter died and his two sons were seriously injured in a car accident shortly after he was elected to the Senate.  He was sworn in by his sons’ bedside.
  • He raised his sons on his own until he met his wife, Jill, a teacher, to whom he is devoted.  They had a daughter together.
  • He has NEVER lived in Washington — he commutes from Wilmington, Delaware, 90 minutes each way, so he can be home with his family every night.  He knows all the Amtrak conductors by name!
  • He has the lowest net worth in the entire Senate. (By contrast, McCain has the eighth-highest — BEFORE you add his wife’s wealth!  Obama is somewhere in the middle 50%.)
  • And he’s hilarious.

In a nutshell, Biden came from a humble background and lived through unspeakable tragedy to become one of America’s top authorities on foreign policy, while also making a huge impact on domestic issues, especially drug- and crime-related issues.

Just watch him in this montage of his greatest moments in one of the debates last fall:

Watch the whole thing if you want to see how smart and knowledgeable he is — it’s worth watching.

If you just want to see the primary season’s most hilarious moment, fast-forward to 2:55. LOVE IT!

One of the best things that Biden can do is call McCain on his shit.  Very few contenders could do that, and nobody can do that better than Biden.  And if McCain picks Romney, their VP debate will be a BLOODBATH!

I know that people are saying that McCain will pick Lieberman or Ridge, but I doubt that. I don’t think he wants to further alienate conservatives by choosing a pro-choice running mate.  Of course, I can’t imagine McCain picking someone he can’t stand, either, but Romney could be strong where McCain is weak — the economy, not to mention Michigan and Colorado.

Romney does well on the stump, but when backed into a corner, he says the most ridiculous things.  Most notoriously, when asked about Obama’s work with Republicans on nuclear nonproliferation, Romney dismissed it as a “liberal issue.”

Um…I’m glad to know that Romney thinks that securing loose nuclear weapons is just a money-wasting scheme put into play by the latte-drinking, sushi-eating, tree-hugging crowd.

There’s so much more I could say, but I’ll cut it off here for now.

Barack Obama and Joe Biden are an incredible team, and they will make an incredible president and vice president.