I was browsing the fan pages on Facebook tonight and came across the entire list of fan pages, ranked in order.

Fan pages are allotted to politicians, athletes, movies, celebrities, singers, TV shows, bands, vacation destinations, products and more.  You can become a fan of as many pages as you’d like.  (I’m a fan of Barack Obama, Michelle Obama, Joe Biden, Ted Kennedy, Nicolas Sarkozy, Michael Phelps and STA Travel.)

Barack Obama has had the most fans since fan pages began last year; however, Michael Phelps recently passed him (due in part to his sheer awesomeness and due in part to Facebook spotlighting his fan page in a congratulatory message on all American Facebook profiles).  At the moment that I’m typing this, Michael Phelps has 1,448,161 fans to Barack Obama’s 1,396,388.

So, who’s supporting John McCain?

According to Facebook, as I type this, John McCain has 218,592 fans, or just under one-sixth of the fans that Barack Obama has.

In other words, he’s ranked just below CW teen drama One Tree Hill and little-kid-lover Michael Jackson.

Check it out:

You can’t make this stuff up.