I wish that my first post about my new apartment in downtown Boston weren’t about something negative, but I MUST write about this: I had an encounter with a rodent this morning.

Welcome to the city.

I woke up at 5:30 AM to go to the bathroom.  As I was washing my hands, I saw a little furry figure scurrying (the word “scurrying” was made for situations like these!) across the floor.

At that point, I became a 1940s cartoon.  I started screaming and I jumped onto the sink.

My language, however, was pure 21st century: “Oh my God — oh my God — FUCK!”

I couldn’t see a mouse after that, and I didn’t see any holes in the bathroom.  Who knows where the little thing scampered off to.

I tried going back to bed, but I couldn’t sleep — I just kept playing that episode of Sex and the City in my head when Carrie has the mouse infestation and a mouse CRAWLS INTO HER HAIR in the middle of the night!!!

Again, welcome to the city.

I was finally able to doze off at around 7:00 AM.  I then kept having nightmares about cats in my apartment — cats that dug their claws into my arm and wouldn’t let go, even after I tried to shake them off.  Cats that were about to sink their teeth into my hand, and then I’d wake up.  Cats that rolled onto me and smothered me.  And a flying cockroach the size of a loaf of bread.

This evening, I bought four traps — one for my room, one for Sarah’s, one for the kitchen and one for the scene of the crime, the bathroom.  I baited them with Nutella, since we didn’t have any peanut butter and the hardware store guy said mice like chocolate, too.

It comes with the territory.  I live downtown now.  Mice are commonplace.  And besides the mice and a few other setbacks from the move (a dirty kitchen and bathroom; only one set of keys for the two of us; a door key that took 10 minutes of solid jiggling to work), it has been FANTASTIC.  The aforementioned problems have been solved.  The apartment feels so much bigger than I thought it would.  And I LOVE LOVE LOVE living with my little sister Sars again!

This neighborhood is much more my speed than Davis Square — fewer families, nearly all young people, much more diverse.  And although it’s technically the Back Bay, it’s kind of a hybrid between Back Bay, Fenway and Symphony.  It’s gritty, and I like that a lot.  As Josh said last night, “It looks like everyone in your neighborhood smokes a LOT of pot.”

And I’ve been hit on more or less constantly — like when a group of guys actually yelled “Sexual erotica!” at me the other night!  Seriously!  It took all I had to keep from cracking up!

Well, it’s been a crazy ride so far — and I’m enjoying it immensely.

Let’s just hope that I wake up tomorrow to at least one trap filled with a furry carcass.