It’s been such a crazy day.  I just lost half a toenail, and that has NEVER happened before.  What am I going to do?

  • No mice were killed during the night.
  • At work today, I got to interview someone for a position.  I’ve never done that before.  It was cool.  🙂 I’ve got at least ten more over the next week and a half.  (Anyone with SEO experience need a job?  Let me know…)
  • After work, I went shopping for shoes at DSW because the only three pairs I’ve been wearing all summer have all fallen apart.
  • I then noticed that my right middle toe had a weird white nail — and then I realized that it was COMING OFF!!!!! That has NEVER happened before!!!
  • Distraught, I bought four pairs of shoes.  Two on clearance.  All gorgeous.
  • I came home and watched last night’s Conan with Sars.  I clipped my toenails, but the weird nail stayed put.  I left it alone.
  • I SAW THE MOUSE AGAIN!!!!  I thought I saw it dive underneath a pile of towels — they were moving — so I grabbed a pan, Petrovsky-style, and slammed it onto the blankets. Nothing happened — it was my imagination.
  • However, that DID lead to me discovering a hole beneath the bathroom door.  The mouse hole.  I covered it up with tape and plastic for now and will be buying some caulk (hehe) tomorrow.
  • I got out my clippers and went after the errant nail.  Now, this is the weird part.  It was almost like it was sideways — the right side was coming off and the left side was staying put.  I clipped it and about 55% of it was taken off.  There is a vertical white line in the middle of the nail.
  • Strangely, underneath where the nail would be, it’s not THAT gross — it has a hard shell on most of the removed part, almost like a mini-nail, but it looks weird and parts are sticky.  Should I go see a pedicurist? Would a pedicurist be able to fix it?
  • I went on Twitter, realized that I had three madly tweeting conservatives and one madly tweeting liberal.  I’ll be reading his hilarious commentary, but not watching the convention.  I’ll read the transcripts tomorrow.

What a day.

Question — have you ever lost a toenail before? And if so, did you lose it sideways?

It’s starting to hurt…oh, God…