Another mouse.  My third sighting in three days.

This one leapt out of one of my Whole Foods bags, eating through the ramen noodles that I bought before going vegetarian.

I threw out every open item I could find, plus a few others, for good measure.

Now I have to buy a ton of Tupperware.  You don’t think about these kinds of things before you live in an infested apartment.  You have to buy a separate Tupperware container for each kind of cereal, for regular pasta, for tortellini, for instant oatmeal, and for so many other things.

Now — awesome Boston.

I am SO glad to finally be living downtown.  It’s time.

In a way, it’s like coming full circle.  When I was in middle school and high school, I went to The Boston Conservatory for piano (I was pretty much groomed to be a professional musician from an early age — not getting into it now), and I would look forward to it every week.  I loved taking the T, getting off at Hynes, walking past the many music stores on Boylston St. and walking into the Conservatory, surrounded by music on all sides.

Now, I live in that exact neighborhood.  I’ve said I live in the Back Bay, and I do, but it’s kind of a weird area.  It’s kind of Back Bay, kind of Fenway and kind of Symphony.  Different guides say different things.  The zip code doesn’t match up with the trash code.  I don’t even know what to say when people ask where I live.

This small area is FANTASTIC.  I have yet to see anyone living in the neighborhood who is older than me — my building is a GIANT DORM!!  I LOVE IT!!!!!

I walked home from work along Comm. Ave. and it was so peaceful and gorgeous in the hot afternoon sun.  I can get home in 20 minutes flat, but this was nice.

I loved Davis Square when I lived there — for a while.  It’s a great place to live for some people.  It’s very liberal, very family-oriented and filled with intelligent students from nearby Tufts University.

But lately I’ve been feeling like there’s an air of pretentiousness.  To be more accurate, I feel like everyone’s trying really hard to be indie.  No offense to Davis residents, but I find that air to be widespread.  If you date someone in Davis, you run into him ALL THE TIME.  And the neighborhood is very, very white.

Here’s it’s more genuine, everyone’s so young, there’s so much individuality, so much diversity, and with so many music schools within a five-minute walk, there’s creativity as well.  There’s a much higher chance of getting jumped on a corner.  More homeless people.  MANY more creepy men.

And you know what?  I like it that way.

Best of all, I have Sars.  Lubly Sars, my lil big sis and now-roommate.

We’ve become an old married couple.  We watch the Daily Show, Colbert and Conan every day in my room, on my bed, since she has no TV and we have no couch yet.  We walk to work together.  We call each other throughout the day.  We eat a lot of pizza.

And yes, there were setbacks when we moved in.  A dirty kitchen and bathroom.  Only one set of keys for the two of us.  A front door key that didn’t work.  MICE MICE MICE MICE MICE.

But we’re solving those problems, little by little.  It’s going well.

And we’re in the nascent stages of decoration.

Our kitchen decorations so far?

A “Kucinich for President” sign, a Zac Efron poster, and two pink glasses that read “Ho” on them in gothic script.

That’s us.  And I love living with her.  We know each other so well, we communicate in grunts (which we often do, actually).

Despite the mice, I’m loving it here.