I read about this on a blog somewhere — perhaps The Modern Gal’s?  Or not?

I love the site someecards.com.  These are the funniest ecards on the Web, and they’re stunning in their simplicity.

What I’m going to do is join in the game of choosing five confessions or cries for help that are true for me.

Here we go:

Every year, I go back and forth.  Tan?  Melanoma?  Tan?  Melanoma?

And I love that gradually darkening Jergens stuff…but it makes your skin smell weird.

As long as it’s not the GOP, just give me the chance.  Please.

This one goes out to my dear friend Josh Debauche.  I’m getting there, babe!  I’m getting there!

(Get your mind out of the gutter, Josh.)

I will do any job in the kitchen — ANYTHING — before I make a salad.  If it’s a salad bar, that’s one thing.  If I have to wash and dry and chop and arrange and save the extra pieces, I will not do it.  My whole family knows this.

There’s nothing like drinking a Calimocho on the patio at Toro on Tremont St.  Or a glass of sangria at Casa Romero in the Back Bay.  Or a lychee martini at the patio of Alibi at the Liberty Hotel.  Or a beer or strawberry daiquiri, overlooking the Pike at the Other Side Cafe.

I love city outdoorsiness, but that’s about where it ends.