I almost referred to my apartment building as “my dorm” today.  That’s what it feels like sometimes.

First of all, I saw the mouse again early on Saturday morning.


It ran under my bed and I yelped in horror.  All this time, we hadn’t seen the mouse in either of our bedrooms.  I just need to have faith that I’ll never wake up with a mouse in my hair, like Carrie Bradshaw.

Secondly, the guys right upstairs blast music and play their own instruments a LOT.  Given that this building is practically all Berklee students, that’s not a surprise.  But I WAS surprised when I woke up to them blasting music at 1:30 AM.

“Sars!” I yelled from my bed.  She had just come home.  “Saaaaaaaaaaars!”


“Go upstairs.”



“No. And clean up your pizza while you’re at it.”

Grumbling, I got out of bed, in my Camp Anawanna shirt and pajama pants, barefoot and with wet hair, and climbed upstairs.


I got out of the stairwell and was hit with a wave of marijuana.  Seriously, whoever was smoking wasn’t even trying to hide it.  You could practically get high from sitting in the hallway!  It was a cloud.

I knocked on their door loudly.  Two voices were behind the door.  “Who’s that?”  “She probably lives downstairs.”  “Oh, shit…”

They opened the door and even more marijuana clouds came out.  Both long-haired.  Both with big beards.  Both a bit heavy.  One blonde guy, one dark-haired guy.  Something for everyone!

“Hi,” I said.  “I live downstairs, and you guys really need to turn it down.”

“Oh,” the dark-haired guy said.  “I didn’t realize it was this late.  I’ll turn it off.”


“Whoa,” exclaimed the other guy.  “Where did you get your shirt?”

“The internet.  Have a good night, whatever you’re doing,” I said, making the hand motion I imagine one would make to signify smoking a joint.  Though I imagine that guys like these would be more into bongs.

The music didn’t stop.  They turned it down significantly, but they didn’t turn it off.

Well, at least I’ve got one very big leg up on them.  I don’t do drugs.  They do.  And if the noise situation here worsens, I have no qualms about using that fact to my advantage.