The Emmys, as usual, weren’t very exciting.  But I’m very happy that 30 Rock swept the comedy awards.  Well deserved.  I LOVE that show.

No matter the outcome of the show, however, I always get excited about the gowns.

Here are my favorites:

Tina Fey

Love her.  Love the gown.

Kate Walsh

Don’t care for her.  Love the gown.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus

Love her.  LOVE this gown!  It’s hard to believe that she used to wear black every year when she was on Seinfeld.  She’s been choosing some great colors lately.

Catherine Keener

Like her.  Not a big fan of tuxes on women in general.  But the first thing that this made me think of was that she was honoring Yves Saint Laurent, who passed away this year and who pretty much created the women’s pantsuit.  A few fashion insiders have said that tuxes would be big with women this year, but I haven’t seen much of them yet.

I just looked it up, and yep, that’s Yves Saint Laurent she’s wearing.  RIP.

Holly Hunter

Like her a lot.  LOVE LOVE LOVE this dress.

Debra Messing

Love her.  Love the dress.

Christina Applegate

Love her.  Love the dress.  She looks fantastic, especially since she just had a double mastectomy.

Heidi Klum

Love her!!  Like the gown a lot.  Seriously, she can do no wrong, fashion-wise.

Best of the night?  I think I’d say Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Holly Hunter and Debra Messing.

What do you think?