It’s been over two years since I was last in Europe, on my post-graduation trip with Sars, and I’ve been missing it so much lately.  Europe is where I belong.

I always feel the ache for Europe, and particularly for Italy and France, but it’s been so much stronger lately.  I dash off the train at Park Street and suddenly I’m in the train station in Brussels, the signs flashing in English, French and Flemish.

I add a scarf to my outerwear on a chilly day and suddenly I’m in my beloved Florence, winding through the streets, my head hunkered down in the 45-degree December air.

I walk over the bridge in the Public Garden and suddenly I’m traversing the waterway between Ile de la Cite and Ile Saint-Louis in Paris, just behind Notre-Dame.

Oh, God!  I miss Europe so much, it’s often painful.

So I let my desire overcome my senses for a few hours today, and I started researching fares.

Thanksgiving.  I get Thursday off and have already taken Friday off.  I have days to burn and could take off Monday and Tuesday, as well.

Work Wednesday and fly out that night.  Spend Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday in Europe.  Fly back Tuesday.


Here are a few sample fares, and I’ll probably be able to get them a bit cheaper if I purchase midweek:

To Amsterdam — $738, direct!

To Paris — $791, direct!

To Brussels — $807, 1 stop

To Barcelona — $718, 1 stop, arrives mid-afternoon the next day

To Lisbon — $793, 1 stop, arrives mid-afternoon the next day

To Berlin — $711, 1 stop

To Dublin — $566, direct!

To Munich — $683, 1 stop, arrives mid-afternoon the next day

To Frankfurt — $692, 1 stop

To Zurich — $755, direct!

I don’t know if it would be a waste for me to go to Paris….I would probably end up wishing I went somewhere new, especially a new country.

I’ve been to Paris, Brussels and Dublin, but none of the others — though I have been to Switzerland.

And I’m not really feeling Italy for November — I’d rather go in spring, summer or early fall.  Scandinavia is too dark this time of year.

Well, I’ll go alone…unless anybody wants to come along….?  😉