I was sitting on my new couch in my room tonight when I heard Sars let out a little yelp from the kitchen.

“The mouse?” I asked.

“Yeah.  It climbed out of the bag on the floor.”

I hadn’t seen the mouse since the day of the first presidential debate, a few weeks ago.  I was starting to think that the little furry bastard was gone…not so much.

“Wait — Katelyn, I think we got a mouse.”

“How do you know?” I asked.

“There’s a tail sticking out of the trap.”

“Is it moving?”


“Did you see that earlier?”


“Did you see it run into it?”


“Did you see the direction it ran in when it jumped out of the bag?”

“No.”  She started laughing.  “I wasn’t paying attention.”

We stood in the doorway and looked at the tail sticking out of the trap.  God, was that a long tail!  I really hoped it wasn’t a rat.

I eventually tiptoed up to it, saw that the mouse had a puce interior, and concluded that yes, it was, in fact, dead.  Beyond that, neither of us wanted to touch it.

“Let’s leave it for an hour,” Sars suggested.

“Let’s get the boys next door to take care of it,” I countered.

“No way.”

“I’ll do it.”

“Okay.”  She went into her room and closed the door.

I left the apartment and knocked on the door next door.  A young guy, probably about 20, answered the door.

“Hi,” I said brightly.  “I live next door, and I was wondering if I could ask a favor of you.”

“Sure,” he readily replied.

“Well, it’s just that my sister and I caught a mouse, and it’s tough because we really love animals” (!) “and I was wondering if you could just throw it in the trash bag for us.”

“Oh, yeah.  Sure.”

The guy was nice.  He’s a Berklee student (aren’t they all?) and he told me that he loved our apartment.  He took the mouse and initially just took the mouse out, before I told him that he could throw the whole thing in the trash, trap and all.  I kept my eyes covered and hid in the other room.

I then took the trash bag outside and swung it into the dumpster.

Let’s hope that that was our one and only mouse.

But you never know.

I’m just glad that we FINALLY got one!!