I think I’ve decided on a destination for my vacation this Thanksgiving (if I choose to take one).  And if I pull this off, it will be my greatest and most daring adventure yet.

I find that I often get scared and settle (in quite a few ways).  But I’m always happier when I’m bucking tradition.  And this is a way to buck it.

The thing that freaks me out the most about it?  Upsetting my parents.

My dad would flip out.  Two reasons in particular: the dangerous, unknown and reckless aspect of it, and the fact that the economy is so bad right now and I should be saving my money.

I talked to my mom about it briefly after work.  She reacted the way I expected, though not as badly as I feared.  (She LOVES travel and has backpacked through Europe alone, but she worries about me.)

“I mean,” she said, “for a place like this, wouldn’t you go with someone?”

“I’ve been wanting to travel alone for awhile,” I told her.  “It’s about time.  Besides, nobody would want to go with me.”

“Okay.  But if you went alone, couldn’t you go to a resort in Mexico or something?”

“Mom, you know me better than that!  Beach vacation?!”

“They have clubs there.”

“I need a city.”

“I’ve heard that’s a dirty city.”

“You said that about Prague.”

“You should go to Club Med!  They’re great for single people!”

“Club Med?!  Ma!”

But she told me that ultimately, it’s my decision and she shouldn’t worry about what she or Dad say.  I know that.  And I have no trouble making decisions on my own — but I love my parents, and I’m good friends with both of them, and they’re both very intelligent and worldly — and it makes me upset to think that I’m upsetting them.

Before, as you can see below, I was thinking about Amsterdam or Iceland.

But you know what?  I always go to Europe.  I’m acquainted with it.  I know the rhythms.  It’s familiar to me.  I’m ready for something else.

So I have a city in mind.  It’s exotic.  It’s exciting.  It’s cheap.  And I found a FANTASTIC flight deal.

Fly out Wednesday.  Return either Monday or Tuesday.

I have no idea how I would get by in this destination.  I’ve never been even remotely CLOSE to this destination.  I don’t know how I’d mesh with the environment and culture.  I don’t know what kinds of safety measures I’d have to take — different safety measures than the ones I’d take in Europe.

But this city seems wonderful.  And it has this:





Gorgeous people.

And it’s cheap.

The unknown factor is what makes it most exciting to me.  I’m not simply checking off a new city (Amsterdam) or a new phenomenon (Aurora Borealis) that I’ve wanted to experience.  I’d be surrounded by entirely new things.

This destination, this trip, will wrap me up in passion.  I’ve always wanted to live a life defined by travel, and this trip is the epitome of the kind of travel in which I should take part!

Any guesses?