Politico’s Arena is great today.  It asks everyone to come up with the following predictions for the election:

  • The popular vote percentage
  • The number of electoral votes
  • Any state upsets
  • House prediction
  • Senate prediction
  • Any other predictions

Here are mine:

  • Popular vote: Obama 53%, McCain 46%, Other 1%
  • Electoral votes: Obama 349, McCain 189
  • State upsets: McCain wins Arizona by less than 5%.  That I could see happening, but as far as CRAZY state upsets go, I think Obama winning North Dakota isn’t entirely improbable.
  • House prediction: Dems pick up 25 seats.
  • Senate prediction: Dems pick up 8 seats, just short of a filibuster-proof majority.

Now, here’s my wacky prediction.  I think that Ted Stevens might actually eke out a win, somehow, and Sarah Palin will appoint his replacement — HERSELF.  She has the power to do that.

I doubt he’ll win the election, but I think she’ll find a way to get herself in.  She’s already called for a special election — but why would that be necessary if there’s an ACTUAL ELECTION happening next week?

FURTHERMORE, I think that two Arena commentators need to be removed.  Grover Norquist and Craig Shirley were the only commentators not to take part in the prediction game — they just used their chance to whine and complain like children.  EVERYONE participated thoughtfully except for these two.

Norquist, president of Americans for Tax Reform: “I further predict that the Republican party will pass on accepting this advice from our class enemies and return to our Reagan roots and will return to power when America tires of Chicago on the Potomac.”

Shirley, Reagan biographer: “My prediction is that with Acorn’s help, Obama will win 107 percent of the popular vote and 600 Electoral College votes. Just like other Socialist candidates around the world.”

Neither of them EVER stay on topic.  The Arena Comedian actually has more to say than them!

It’s not about their political views.  There are plenty of intelligent, well-written Republicans on the Arena.  And they not only stay on topic, they also add interesting points to each discussion.

Seriously, Politico.  Get them off the site.  Especially Shirley.  He ignores every question and just talks about Reagan.