Tomorrow is election day — the most important election of my lifetime.

It’s going to happen.

It’s actually going to happen!!!!!

I think I’d like to slightly tweak my predictions from before.

Obama wins 352 electoral votes, including Virginia, Ohio, Florida, Iowa, Colorado, New Mexico, either Indiana or Missouri, and either North Dakota or Montana.

McCain wins 186, including North Carolina, Arizona, either Montana or North Dakota and either Missouri or Indiana.

Percentage: 52%-47%, with 1% for third party candidates.

I am nervous.  But also, I’m so happy.  I’m so proud of the candidate behind whom I threw my support at the very beginning.  This is my generation’s Kennedy, my generation’s FDR.  But beyond that, there has never been a candidate before like Barack Obama.

Let’s get out and VOTE tomorrow!  I’ll be at my polling location — Boston University — at 7:30 AM!