I haven’t gone grocery shopping in about a month.  That means that there are days when I eat only sunflower seeds.  That’s actually true.

The grammar blog?  I couldn’t care less.

I can’t tell you the last time I spent time with my core group of friends.

And I’m not even looking forward to my Buenos Aires trip in less than two weeks.  Part of me is even thinking about canceling it, saving the money.

There is only one thing that I get excited about: checking CNN.  Checking the Huffington Post.  Reading Newsweek.  Going home and turning on MSNBC for a few hours.

I should be at my friend’s birthday in Connecticut and here I am, at 5:30 PM on a Saturday, still in my pajamas, cruising YouTube to relive the best moments of the election.  I’m not there, and I should be there, and this event will likely brand me an unconscionable asshole in my friends’ eyes, and I don’t care.

Then it hit me.

I’m in election withdrawal.

I’m sure this is normal and expected for someone who was as invested in the election as I was.  But it’s so hard to dig myself out of this vast unhappiness.  Under normal circumstances, I have occasional bouts of depression that I slug through and get through within a few days.  Now, it’s nearly constant.

This isn’t right.  I’ve been spending every weekend like this — never getting dressed, never eating, doing nothing all day, barely even going out to clubs.  (Oddly, I do a LOT more socializing during the week than on the weekend, particularly with coworkers, and it usually ends up with me consuming far too much alcohol.)

At the moment, I’m trying to convince myself to make the five-minute walk to Starbucks.  It’s so difficult.

I know what I have to do.  I have to plan my day, get OUT there, do something different.  But it is so DIFFICULT.  I can’t describe it.  If I could, I would plan an entire day out in blocks, a new and crazy activity for every hour.

But unless something is forcing me to get up, I can’t.  I can’t get up.