It’s the #1 tourist attraction in Buenos Aires — and Cementerio de la Recoleta, or Recoleta Cemetery, is where anyone who’s anyone in Buenos Aires rests for eternity.

Evita is here.  So is every Alvear you can imagine.

I like cemeteries.  Perhaps it’s a bit macabre, but I’ve always felt a strange connection with them.  To me, they’re fascinating.

And when you come to a cemetery as ornate as Recoleta, even if you’ve never held a camera in your life, you instantly become a master photographer.

Here are my favorite pictures:

This is so sad — a little girl who died…

…but it wasn’t nearly as sad as this heartbreaking poem, in Italian, that her father wrote for her, crying, “Why, why, why?” at the end.

Evita’s sarcophagus.

The whole time I was there, I kept thinking about how much my photographer friends Kelly and James would love this place.  It casts a spell over you.