Well, the new year’s here, the world hasn’t ended, and the worst decision I made last night was not rolling around in a vomit-filled curb but rather deciding to go out for Chinese instead of grabbing a cab earlier, when I should have, and waiting forever in the freezing cold in order to get one.


Though it’s a tad late, I’d like to recap my top five adventures of 2008.

  1. My solo trip to Buenos Aires. Despite the amount of travel I’ve done, I had never done an entire trip alone.  And I did it.  To a continent — nay, hemisphere! — where I’d never been.  In a country whose language I speak at a kindergarten level at best.  And you know what?  I had a BLAST.  I got into the nightlife scene.  I made tons of friends from all over the world.  And I dealt with my biggest travel issue ever — by myself, without freaking out.
  2. Going home with a bachelor party.  I ran into a bachelor party in Faneuil Hall this summer, and they invited me to get on their bus and go back to their house with them.  In a move out of a Lifetime movie, I accepted.  Alone — none of my friends would come with me.  EVERY guide tells you never to do anything REMOTELY resembling that — but turns out that in between all of us doing shots, me and the guys hanging off the stripper poles (fully clothed), and covering each other in red lipstick, we had a GREAT, chaste and surprisingly low-key time.  What a night.
  3. Crashing the Alpha Omega party. Carissa and I were at the Pru and saw a party going on at Alpha Omega.  We were dressed up nicely, so she sweetly talked us in.  Turns out it was a party for the jewelry line Carrera y Carrera.  Mojitos all night, fancy passed apps, awesome gift bags AND we got to meet Carrera himself and gush to him about how beautiful his jewelry is.
  4. Meeting a guy at a club and then going away for the weekend with him. I never wrote about this in the blog.  I don’t want the guy to be able to google himself to this page.  Um…of all the names in the world, his name is Hhaannss! (Double-lettered.)  And he’s very well known where he lives, in a popular resort area of Massachusetts.  And while I thought that going away with this random guy would be SPONTANEOUS and ROMANTIC and would make a FANTASTIC story…turns out, only the latter was true, because it was THE SINGLE MOST AWKWARD WEEKEND OF MY LIFE.  Yeah.
  5. Surviving Tryst night in Vegas with Lisa. Lisa, Alexa and I had an unforgettable night in Vegas — starting with Cirque du Soleil’s LOVE at the Mirage, then the Grand Lux at the Venetian, then heading to Tryst nightclub at the Wynn.  Well, shortly after Alexa left, Lisa and I did the following:
  • Spent only a few dollars each all night
  • Got pulled into countless VIP booths at Tryst
  • Sat in the lap of a guy in a wheelchair and got spun around on the dance floor
  • I did a long catwalk-style walk  in a straight line to convince the Tryst security guys I was still sober after they nearly threw me out for drunken behavior
  • Pulled random people into a cab to go to after hours at Drai’s
  • Left Drai’s at about 7:00 AM, high-fiving everyone we walked past on the Strip, yelling, “Vegas!”
  • Decided that it was a GREAT time to start (!) playing blackjack
  • Lost all our money…well, not quite all of it, but I lost a lot more than Lisa did.

Besides that, there were a ton of great things that happened this year.  I got a new job at a really wonderful company, all thanks to The Missus (my boss now!).  I’m very lucky to have this job.  I moved to the Back Bay with my sister, and we have a wonderful apartment.  Besides Vegas and Buenos Aires, I went to New Mexico and some places around here.

I played blackjack publicly for the first time ever (at Foxwoods) and made nearly $100 in six hands.  I got more press for my grammar blog.  I went to a lot of cool local events.  I made tons of new friends — most notably, Josh, who has a penchant for convincing me to make bad decisions that make hilarious stories the next day.

Well, there’s plenty to look forward to in 2009.

I need to figure out where to do my next big (and likely solo) trip.  I’d like this one to be two weeks long, but the timing will depend on a lot of things, including work.  The Greek islands hold my attention more than most.

And I’m going to Vegas two weeks from now.  😉  With Lisa, Alexa (and Grant), Beth, AND Jen, my dear friend who now lives in Chicago!  I can only imagine the ensuing debauchery…

My generic New Year’s resolutions are generic (though specific) — to walk more often and to drink less coffee.  But beyond that, I hope to enter 2010 having had countless new adventures, epic adventures, wild adventures.

This year is going to be fantastic.  Starting with Vegas.