This was one of my favorite Golden Globes shows.  Kate Winslet FINALLY winning — and twice! — Mickey Rourke and Tracey Jordan Morgan’s speech made it a great night.

As for the fashion, though, I thought this year was a bit lacking.  Not a ton of interesting gowns.  Lots of white.  Lots of gathering.  Form-fitting silhouettes.  I always love the shows when there are tons of people in bright colors.

(Speaking of that, where was Marcia Cross this year?  She’s living proof that redheads can look gorgeous in every color of the rainbow, including coral, fuchsia and white.)

Here are my picks for best-dressed at the awards:

Elizabeth Banks

My favorite dress of the night.  I love the shape of this — it’s very retro and romantic.

Sandra Bullock

She always looks like herself on the red carpet, even when wearing a gown as stunning as this.

Mary-Louise Parker

Awesome color, love the train, love the criss-cross pattern.  Definitely a standout.

Kate Beckinsale

I can’t stand her, but she looks fantastic here.  I absolutely love the neckline.

Maggie Gyllenhaal

If I had gone to an awards show, this is the kind of gown I would have worn.  Offbeat, retro and just toeing the line — you know half the people will hate it the next day.  But better that than to be boring and expected.

Eva Longoria

Ugh, I really can’t stand Eva Longoria, but this is a beautiful gown.  I didn’t think someone as short as her would be able to pull off the mermaid train, but it works well for her.

Miley Cyrus

Now someone I can’t stand at ALL!!  I can guarantee you that everyone at my former job detests her with a passion.  But honestly, this is one of the best gowns of the night.  And get your hand off her ass, Billy Ray.

Kate Winslet

Someone I adore.  I will see Kate Winslet (along with Meryl Streep, Emma Thompson, Jim Carrey and Johnny Depp) in ANYTHING.

This isn’t one of her more daring or unusual gowns…but I love it.  It’s the perfect shape for her body.  It’s mercifully free of cleavage.  And she looks fantastic.

And I have to single out the best-dressed male:

Mickey Rourke

He looks like he’s channeling Johnny Depp here, but it looks like he really means it.  I loved the sequined scarf!