I’m going to Vegas this weekend with some of my best friends — Lisa, Beth, Alexa (and Grant) and Jen.  I’m talking to some of my contacts, putting together plans and it sounds like it’s going to be AMAZING!!!  I don’t want to share anything yet, in case something goes wrong, but…it’s going to be amazing.  It SHOULD be amazing.

Lisa and I have started a tradition of posting our outfits online before we go.  Here are this year’s options:

(Oh, and just so you know, I do not own a full-length mirror, and this is me standing on my toilet, facing my bathroom mirror.)

(And I am wearing Spanx.)

(Or sucking it in.  A LOT.)


Dress: Bebe

This is the dress I wore on my birthday and New Year’s Eve this year, but I’ve never worn it in Vegas.  Such a sexy dress!  I’m pretty sure I’ll be wearing this to Tao on Thursday.

Nicole Miller via RueLaLa.com

Dress: Nicole Miller via RueLaLa.com

I love this dress, RueLaLa is amazing, and even though it’s a size too small, I’m looking forward to wearing it in Vegas, even though it’s a tad formal.

Roberto Cavalli via eBay

Dress: Roberto Cavalli via eBay

Ah, yes.  My beloved Cavalli.  Earlier this week, I was thinking that I’ve overdone it for this dress — I wore it on my other birthday celebration, and I wore it at Tao last time — but you know what?  It’s Vegas!  It’s by my favorite designer!  A similar one is on the cover of the Mamma Mia DVD!  As long as I don’t wear it to Tao, which I won’t, it’ll be great.


Top: Express. Shorts: Express.

Now, I know it’s winter…but Vegas is the only place where I’ve worn my bright red satin shorts.  Not crazy about this combination, though.  The top would look better with my short black skirt.

Local designer via the Garment District in Cambridge.

Top: Express. Skirt: Local designer via the Garment District in Cambridge.

I like this combination a lot — I wore the top in Vegas on Chippendales night (though it was FREEZING in there!) and a girl wore a similar outfit at Tao.  Not sure about the skirt — it might be better with the plain black American Apparel miniskirt.

American Apparel.

Top: Express. Camisole: Express. Skirt: American Apparel.

Yeah, not crazy about this (though the shirt needs to be ironed).  I wore this shirt with my red shorts to Pure last time in Vegas, and it ended up looking a little bit ridiculous afterwards.  I didn’t quite pull it off.

American Apparel.

Top: Wet Seal (Seriously). Skirt: American Apparel.

Now, this I like!  It’s so odd — this was a $20.00 shirt and everyone always asks me where I got it.  I think this would look better with a longer skirt, and that’s perfect, because I have a black American Apparel pencil skirt!  (It’s in the dryer at the moment, so that’s why I’m not modeling it.)

Target (word!).

Top: Express. Skirt: American Apparel. Leggings: Target (word!).

Whoa.  Way too aerobics instructory.

Ugh, I still don’t know!!!!  We’ll be going out four different nights.  What do you think?