My foot has been bothering me for the past few weeks, and last week it got much worse.  On my chiropractor’s suggestion, I made an appointment with an orthopedist, and found out today that I have peroneal tendinitis.

In a nutshell, the tendon underneath my right ankle is inflamed and likely will be for several weeks.  While it heals, I need to wear a giant boot.

I also need to ice it on and off throughout the day and go to physical therapy.

Even though it’s only been a few hours, I can’t believe how much of an impact this boot has had on me.

Please note that I’m not whining or looking for sympathy, especially when so many people with disabilities go through so many worse things every day; I just want to share how it’s been for me.

I live and work in two different neighborhoods in downtown Boston.  I walk a minimum of one mile each day, and usually a few miles altogether.

Here’s what I can no longer do:

  • I can’t cross the street if there are only five seconds left to cross, like I usually do.  I can’t get across the street that quickly.
  • Going down stairs is SO difficult and takes forever.  (Also, my home station does not have an elevator or a down escalator.)
  • I can’t choose between two stations and go to one further away but ultimately more efficient for my destination.  I need to go to the CLOSEST one.  That’s it.
  • I can’t overlook the bus in favor of the subway.  If it’s closer to my destination, I need to take it.  (I think I’ll be taking the bus to work to avoid the stairs at my home station.)
  • The boot is so heavy that after a few minutes of walking, I’m exhausted and can barely shuffle along at two miles an hour.

However — I DID get offered a seat on the green line today.  That’s pretty amazing.

Let’s hope that my foot heals quickly, and that I’ll be able to dance in heels in Vegas in June.