Jason had quite a day on Tuesday.  He’s really into the stock market and has been pushing $OPTT for the last few weeks.  $OPTT, or Ocean Power Technologies, is a company that is working on turning ocean waves into a source of natural energy.

Just a few weeks after investing in this stock, $OPTT did amazingly.  It grew nearly 50% within a few hours — and was the #1 stock IN THE WORLD on Tuesday.

Jason was beyond thrilled.

He decided that we should celebrate.

The two of us happen to be really, really into food.  It’s a bit of a mutual passion.  So many of our conversations are about food, we have lists of restaurants to try, and we have a million special food places (Neptune Oyster, Erbaluce and our secret place outside Boston and my mom’s kitchen are a few of them).

So if we’re celebrating anything at all, food is involved!

After deciding to go for steak, we settled on the Capital Grille on Newbury St., where neither of us had been before.

Here is our complete feast:


A fabulous wine from the “Interesting Reds” list — I can’t remember the name of it!


Oysters. We ADORE oysters.  These were ice-cold, plump and juicy — fabulous.


Prosciutto-wrapped mozzarella.


The daily special salad: with blue cheese, pears, almonds and more.


We split a porterhouse.


The other half.


Some seasonal veggies to keep the meal SLIGHTLY healthy…


And, negating that, some lobster mac and cheese.


What the hell — let’s throw a four-pound stuffed lobster on there!


Our fabulous feast…


We finished with a complimentary dessert — an OPTT chocolate espresso cake in honor of our celebration!

(Buy it.  Even now, Jason thinks it’s a smart stock to buy.)