Greetings, faithful readers.

I’m sorry to say that I will no longer be blogging on Kate’s Adventures.

My reasons for this are numerous.  I started this blog four years ago, and my standards of what I revealed and didn’t reveal are different from what they are today.  Even though I deleted everything that might be considered offensive, I’m still not happy with the general tone of much of this blog.  Nor am I happy with the online diary-style format.

BUT — I have a new blog.  I’ve decided that my new blog will be primarily about my travels, along with occasional tidbits of pop culture, adventures and stories.  It’s more polished, focused and professional.  I’m hosting it myself and working on a lot of the design.  I welcome you to Adventurous Kate!

Adventurous Kate features new content five days a week.  Every Friday, I post one of my adventures I’ve had while traveling.  And yes, there is something about Vegas at least once a week!

I would love if you followed me to my new blog.

Thank you for every kind comment and email.  And thank you for putting me in my place when I needed it.  You’ve been great readers.  🙂

*FYI — in a few weeks, this URL will redirect to Adventurous Kate.