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For someone like me who has never been on a cruise, they hold quite a bit of curiosity!  Everyone raves about them, but why do cruisers keep returning again and again?

My mother recently returned from a cruise to the Bahamas, so I asked her about her favorite experiences.  Here’s what she had to say:

Unforgettable Service

Are you looking to be treated like royalty?  A cruise is the way to go.

“You walk into the dining room and see the most handsome bartender you’ve ever seen in your life.  And he’s personable, affable, cheerful, asks your name, and pours you a drink before you get to the food.”

And the service continues once you get your food, and it’s just as good as the bartender.  “The staff are there to please you and you know it, almost like it’s their pleasure to please you.”

Nightly Entertainment

“There was a big nightclub on one end of the ship and there were shows every night: singers, comedians, Cirque du Soleil-like acrobats.” And while there was entertainment for kids, there was always a point when they were told to leave and the show became adults-only.

Did she enjoy it more because she knew there were no kids there?

“Yes.  Once the comedian started getting bawdy, I think I laughed more because I knew there were no kids around to hear it!”

Learning to Gamble

If you’ve ever been to Vegas, you may have been too intimidated to gamble.  On a cruise, it’s so easy to learn how!

“The dealers were all so nice.  If there weren’t a lot of people around, they would teach you how to play.  I learned craps, poker, Blackjack.”

And if you have a swell night at the tables, you can celebrate: “They let you order a bottle of wine at the bar and have it sent to your room!”

It’s a Great Deal

Best of all, service like this can come to you at a very low price.  You can find plenty of discount cruises at places like  Getting service like this for such a low price – I challenge you to find a better deal in the world!

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