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If you travel to the Canary Islands, good luck finding any Americans!  This paradise, just west of Africa, is most popular with European tourists.  But I bet that if more Americans knew how beautiful and exotic and relaxing the islands are, they would become fans as well.

As for Europeans, they’re well aware of the Canary Islands, and they’re one of Europe’s top holiday destinations.  Here are some of the most popular places in the Canary Islands:


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Tenerife is the largest of the Canary Islands, home to significant British and German expat populations. With affordable travel packages available across the board, Tenerife deals are easy to come by.  In fact, many Europeans find it cheaper to vacation in Tenerife than in their home country!

Tenerife is the most family-friendly of the Canaries, offering a wealth of activities like water parks, volcano tours and fishing exhibitions. The island’s biggest resort, Playa de las Americas, has been cleaned up since its days of unchecked excess and is now a thriving destination as well.

Gran Canaria

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The most populous of the Canary Islands has much to offer, and you’ll find plenty of cheap holidays in Gran Canaria. Of course, the beach is the main attraction, so head to the beautiful three mile stretch of beach at the massive Playa del Ingles resort.  Surfers are fans of the waves, calling the island the Hawaii of the Atlantic.

The strangest attraction on Gran Canaria is unquestionably Sioux City, a mock Old West town built for a film in 1972.  Come on, would you miss the chance to witness a cowboy gunfight at high noon on an island off the coast of Africa?


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If you’re looking for something a bit more rustic and natural, Lanzarote holidays appeal to those prefer adventure, scenery and the great outdoors to the boozy, social scene of the other islands.  Lanzarote is home to the incredible Timanfaya National Park, a blasted landscape created by several volcanic eruptions on the island between 1730 and 1736.

Congratulations to the Canary Islands…they have officially earned a new place on my wanderlust list!

Image: marcp_dmoz

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