Last year, 10,000 people entered to win a huge prize from HostelBookers in their annual travel survey.

One faithful fan won the grand prize — a RTW plane ticket.

This year, the stakes have risen.

The 2010 HostelBookers Travel Survey is filled with questions about your travel style — from travel planning to the types of destinations you prefer, as well as your number of travels per year and usual type of lodging.

And — yes, I’m getting there! — the prize, given to one of the respondents: a RTW plane ticket worth £3,000, plus £1,000 in spending money.


If I won, I would make sure I visit destinations that are both expensive to get to and expensive on the ground: Japan, Bhutan, Australia, New Zealand, Botswana.

But even more importantly, I’d party in hostels throughout Europe.  Many of the hostels London has include a fun bar, as you’ve read on this site before!  But nothing could top the parties in hostels Amsterdam is famous for.  I’ve never been to Spain, and I love sangria, so the youth hostels Barcelona is home to would definitely warrant a visit from me.  Either way, I know I’d get a great deal from HostelBookers, who kindly sponsored this post today.

What about you?

TAKE THE SURVEY! What do you have to lose?

And if you win, please let me hide in your suitcase!  I’m excellent at fitting into carry-on luggage…