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Like any other European metropolis, Berlin is a destination full of landmarks to visit and things to do. Even though you probably won’t be able to see everything you initially planned, getting off track and visit some local places is not such a bad idea. The best thing about visiting a new location is to get some insider tips on where are the current hotspots. After all, no matter how many “Time Out” you will read or internet sites you will visit, a tip from a local person is the best. Luckily, we managed to “score” some great, (restaurants, clubs, food and public transport) tips about Berlin from nice natives that were more than happy to help. Check out what they had to say about the top places to see & do in this amazing city:

1.       How to save money on public transport:
Berlin’s public transport system is easy and relatively cheap however, if you want to explore the city like a real Berliner, it is better to either rent a bicycle or to take the 100 bus line:
Bus line 100- this bus will take you all over Berlin, in particularly through the main landmarks. The bus drives the same way the tourists bus does so you can be certain you will see everything you need to see only for a small fee!

Tour the city by bicycle- according to locals one of the nicest ways to explore Berlin is on wheels! In the past few years the city has created many bikes and bicycle paths all over town. When renting a bicycle not only you save a lot of money, but you also get the option to come cross small parks, hidden hot spots and unknown places. There are plenty of renting shops around the city, just ask around people or visit one of the tourist’s information points.

2.       Where to eat:
As you can imagine there are plenty of restaurants and eating places in such a big city like Berlin. However, our locals had some good tips about where they think are the best eating places in town and what kind of foods you should defiantly try:

Döner Kebab– Berlin has a huge Turkish community and not only that the Turkish people are very well settled in the city, the Turkish cuisine is even more popular than the German one! The famous Döner Kebab is basically a delicious dish made of lamb meat which is cooked on a vertical spit and then sliced off for serving. Add some extra garlic sauce on top and enjoy this delightful meal!

Sausages- as most of you probably know, Germany is famous for its tasty sausages. There are so many different kinds of sausages that it is impossible to try all of them in a short time period, let alone know which one is the best. Our helpful locals all answered together: Curry Wurst sausage is simply the best! This yummy sausage is made of pork meat, seasoned with curry ketchup and topped with a nice amount of curry power. You will be able to find this typical German dish on every street corner.

3.       Where are the good places to go out to?
Party hard with techno music- for those of you who like to party all night with smashing techno music and vibrant tempo, Berlin will be a pure heaven to you. It is not secret that in the last couple of years Berlin became the hub for the electronic and the techno scene. Tourists from all over Europe arrive there in order to party and go out to some very famous night clubs. “Tresor”, “Watergate”, “Bar25” and “Berghain” are just some of the legendary clubs you will be able to find there. Please note that Berlin’s nightlife starts rather late, so make sure to rest a little in advance!

Arena area- the Arena area in Berlin is full with fine restaurants, trendy clubs and some stylish cocktail bars. The Arena is good for people who prefer the more commercial and elegant side, rather than the rough and dark techno side. Here you will be able to have a nice dinner, watch the sunset with a huge cocktail and later on go out to some nice club that plays mainstream music.

4.       Where to shop:
Bergmannkiez this amazing district is perfectly suited for people who love vintage shops, second hand stores and one-of-a-kind treasures hunting. The nicest thing about this area is the fact that unlike other shopping districts, here you won’t see too many tourists and the offered shops are much more unique and totally not mainstream.  Aside from a cool shopping experience, there are also many small bars around so make sure to stop from time to time in order to refresh with some cold beer!

Galeries Lafayette- department stores are always fun for fashion lovers or people who love to have everything under one roof. Galeries Lafayette is a huge department store that originally started in France and thanks to its huge success it opened a branch in Berlin as well. The store offers everything from designer clothes, accessories, shoes, roof top restaurant, cafes and even a French library! The main reason this shop is so recommendable by locals is because the boutiques there are exclusive, unique and of course, they sell French goods.

We really hope that the insider tips above gave you some inspiration for your next holiday. Berliners are extremely nice people so whenever you visit their city, they will be helpful and willing to give you some more advices on the spot.
As this popular capital gets totally packed with tourists all year long, make sure to book your hotel in Berlin in advance.