It’s not easy for a jet-setter to live in Boston — we don’t have a lot of nonstop flights.  One reason for that is that our airport can’t accommodate certain kinds of large planes.

The big news in town is that starting next year, there will be nonstop flights from Boston to Tokyo, thanks to the introduction of 787s.  I think this will be fantastic for Boston and great for frequent travelers like me!

So where can we fly nonstop from Boston these days?  I thought I’d take a look.

Reykjavik, Iceland

I am dying to visit Iceland.  It looks like it has so much natural beauty, with mountains, geysers, waterfalls, volcanoes and hot springs!

I cross the Atlantic fairly often, and I’ve booked cheap international flights to Europe through Iceland a few times.  This route has saved me a lot of money.  But one of these days, I will actually stop in Iceland and see the country!

Dublin, Ireland

Boston is easily the most Irish city in America, and Massachusetts the most Irish state.  While most of our ancestors immigrated during the mid- and post-Famine years of the mid-19th century, plenty of Irish immigrants come over to Boston.

So whether you’re looking for your family roots or just going for the green hills, whiskey and friendliest people in Europe, you can get there with a nonstop flight from Boston to Dublin.

New Orleans, Louisiana

I still haven’t been to this rockin’ American city, and it seems like everyone I know wants me to visit there!  I know myself, and I know that I probably wouldn’t stop eating the whole time.  And it looks so beautiful, with great history and music.  Plus, there are no open container laws.  Drinks to go for everyone!

You can get cheap domestic flights to New Orleans from Boston without stopping in another city.  I need to take advantage of that already!

Cancun, Mexico

It’s not much further than Florida, but from Boston, you can get nonstop international flights to Cancun.  For us East Coasters, it’s definitely the #1 Mexico beach destination, especially since there’s easy access to Playa del Carmen and the Maya Riviera.

I’ve been to Cancun, and it’s a fun place — as big of a party scene as Las Vegas, but much more casual and beachy.  I particularly love Senor Frogs, one of the best bars in the world, as far as I’m concerned!

All of these destinations are great in their own right, but the fact that you can get nonstop flights there from Boston makes them all the more special.