Bali Memories Thursday, Jan 19 2012 

Almost a year ago, I arrived in Bali for what was to be a month of wonders.

It didn’t exactly turn out that way. My time in Bali ended up being restricted to the Kuta area and the Ubud area, and a disaster in Nusa Tenggara left me a mess, not wanting to move from my room, much less travel.

I know that I need to go back to Bali and do what I should have done the first time.

While all Bali flights arrive in Kuta, I don’t plan on spending time in that city this time around. Here is where I will be visiting instead:

Medewei Beach: I learned to surf in Bali and honed my skill in Mexico. This time around, I want to live in a surfing hangout where the others live and breathe surfing every moment of the day. Could I fit in with them? I doubt it, but I could try.

Lovina: I hear mixed reviews of Lovina — some love it; some say it’s good for nothing but sunsets. But the beaches look very beautiful, as do the cliffs heading straight down into the ocean. And it’s very sleepy — nothing remotely like Kuta.

Gunung Batur: How about something completely different? Batur is an active volcano! The Balinese friend I made on the flight to Bali told me that I had to climb Gunung Batur — it was like nowhere else in Bali, and a huge cultural experience (unlike Ubud, where the culture is largely anesthetized for tourists).

Amed: I’ll never forget the Balinese guy working in Kuta who invited me to join him and a group of his friends on a road trip to Amed. Believe me, it’s not as skeezy as it sounds — that’s just the kind of people the Balinese are. When you meet them, you become a friend. It’s instant. And anyway, Amed is supposed to have lots of amazing beaches, and diving (not my thing, though).

One thing is for sure: when I return to Bali, I’d like to explore by motorbike. I love traveling on two wheels, and it seems like a great way to explore the island and the places off the beaten path.

I hope I get back there soon.

Bali Thursday, Jan 19 2012