Oh my God, this is so disturbing!! Thursday, Oct 25 2007 

If you’re an attractive girl and want to go to one of the World Series games in Boston, you should have no problem whatsoever. There are TONS of ads on Craigslist written by guys looking for a pretty girl to go to the game with them. Most of them are pretty innocent and normal — just guys looking for a girl.

This one that I just came across in the casual encounters section, however (don’t judge!), brings unbelievable to a new level.

Check it out:

I am a young executive male who is visiting Boston. I just got three tickets to tomorrows game and I am looking for women 21 and up who would like to come to the game with me. You must be very good looking and willing to dress provocatively. In addition, I will also pay $500, as well as your expenses, and on top of that I will also pick up a dress for you to wear, we can pick it out together.

Also, after the game if you would like I would be willing to pay extra to spend sometime in my hotel.

Please serious replies only and if you do not attach a pic I will not reply!

Ew. Gross, gross man. Is anyone else picturing Tailor-Made from I Love New York 2?

More importantly, can you imagine the kind of girl who would respond to an ad like this? How could you be SO lacking in self-esteem to do something like this? It’s so completely degrading — from the three girls to the provocative outfits to hotel room….ew.

Guy, let it be known that YOU ARE GROSS and offering a presumatively generous gift of $500 to three different people does absolutely nothing to cover up the fact that you are piece of zit-covered, maggot-infested slimeball on the back of a diseased slug.


Something I Like Sunday, Sep 10 2006 

I like those Yahoo! Personals banners that read “Did you forget how fun it is to flirt?”

Flirting is great.

I really have nothing to say that’s worth an entry….I did check out an apartment for the first time on Friday after work. It was in a great location — Somerville, about 12 minutes from Davis Square, which would be PERFECT (great area, plus enough of a walk to get some decent exercise twice a day). But aside from the apartment’s absolutely gorgeous three-legged cat (I’m serious), it wasn’t what I was looking for.

I’ve been thinking about Florence — I really did love a lot about living with eight people. Of course, it became much more complicated than that because we were essentially each other’s primary social life (since we were so far from all the other Fairfield students). I’d love to live with a lot. And I saw an awesome ad on Craigslist for a huge house — but it seemed so good, they probably won’t get back to me.

My mom had a housewarming party yesterday — good fun. I played piano (just requests — did Let It Be, Yesterday, Piano Man (ugh) and So Far Away). Good food. And Sars came home for a few hours — I grabbed her and screamed and told her I wasn’t going to let go of her again. We’re going to have lunch on Friday, since her classes are over by 9:45 or so. Probably just South Station.

Kara and I went out to the Rattlesnake on Boylston St. the other night, as well as the Cactus Club for dinner. Both were fun, and the Rattlesnake has a really great deck on the roof, but we found that it was really the financial crowd — as in, “Are all the guys here gay or just accountants?” We did talk to a really cute guy for awhile, and he seeked US out (we were standing on the other side of a partition and he told us that he felt such distance between us and wanted to get closer). His name was Scott, he worked for a fishing company, he was blonde (and I don’t usually like blondes) and he was around thirty or so.

Unfortunately, talking to him meant talking to his unattractive, annoying friend as well. And he talked much more than Scott did.

One thing that I can’t stand is when people purposely exaggerate their Boston accents to make them sound cooler. It is OBVIOUS in a second when the fake accent kicks in. And this guy, the friend, he mentioned “Stahhh Trek.” Yeah. Awful. Most Boston accents have at least a hint of an essence of an R — I read about it on a site about regional linguistics. It’s like the R in “third” that is pronounced, only much fainter, and it’s extremely difficult for a non-native to master. (Which is why I’m not exactly looking forward to seeing anyone but Matt Damon and Mark Wahlberg in The Departed next month.) But it’s SO ANNOYING!!

We left before them and went our separate ways (and let me add that I can’t wait until the orange line starts running on weeknights again, rather than the scarybus from Haymarket). Now, I have a bit of a hobby — reading the “Missed Connections” board on Craigslist. A lot of them are entertaining! And this is probably the most self-centered thing I’ve ever said, but YOU NEVER KNOW if someone might post something about you. After all, I’ve been making steady eye contact with this guy at North Station every morning as we wait for the inbound orange line train….he’s kind of cute….

Anyways, I saw one that read, “Southie: Did Kara get home all right? Posting as you left in a hurry last night. Hope you made it home okay.” Now, I did tell him I worked in Southie but didn’t tell him where….I don’t know. Kara wasn’t falling-over drunk but she had had a few drinks — she was getting picked up. I had to drive home from Oak Grove, so I wasn’t drinking. And this was posted the morning after we were out.

It could be him.

At any rate, I hope it was the cute guy and not the creepy guy.

Vita Tuesday, Aug 29 2006 

Have I mentioned lately that I love my job? 😀 It’s awesome….I never thought that I’d luck out this much. My coworkers are hilarious.

I’ve been looking into moving out, but it looks like I won’t be able to for a few months. That really frustrates me, especially with the whole half-and-half divorced parents living situation (I’m really too old to be doing that at 22!) And that’s so tough to deal with. But financially, it’s going to be REALLY tough. Especially since my habit of never buying anything (for example, I buy clothes right after my birthday and Christmas, THAT’S IT) is starting to catch up to me. I need more stuff. I’m tired of wearing the same stuff every day. I need to buy a lot of CLOTHES, start establishing some credit (I thought I was, but I wasn’t actually) and cut up my Victoria’s Secret Angel Card. (They don’t send me coupons anymore, so there are exactly zero benefits to having one.)

In terms of an apartment, what would be ideal? Neighborhood-wise, someplace nice, and beautiful, and near a LOT of stuff. RIGHT by the T, as well as some bars. I’m not picky about the neighborhood — my preference is going to Brookline/Brighton/Allston, but I’d do Cambridge/Somerville too. I don’t see myself living in Dorchester, and I can’t afford any of the nice neighborhoods right in Boston. I loved having tons of roommates in Florence, and I would love to do that again (provided there are PLENTY of bathrooms). As for living with guys….I’m leaning towards no on that. (Maybe I should consider that, though. Guys are mostly drama-free.) I’d love living in a house with tons of people, but I really have no preference. And I’d like to pay under $500.

I should stop thinking about it….all the Craigslist ads at the moment are all “WE NEED SEPT 1 NOW!!!!!!! 420FRIENDLY”. Yeah.

Other tidbits:

–Sars moves into Emerson on Sunday. God, she’s all grown up now. And she gets to go to COLLEEEEEEEGE!

–Lisa started grad school at UNH today. Check out my AIM profile for a great convo on that.

–The Emmys were awesome — because of CONAN O’BRIEN!!! Love that man!!!

–The Step Up soundtrack is pretty great too — loved the movie, but the soundtrack is great on its own, too. It’s a perfect mix of hip hop and r&b.

–I can’t remember what I blog, so forgive me if I repeat.

–I bought a great book today: “Talking Right: How Conservatives Turned Liberalism into a Tax-Raising, Latte-Drinking, Sushi-Eating, Volvo-Driving, New York Times-Reading, Body-Piercing, Hollywood-Loving, Left-Wing Freak Show” by Geoffrey Nunberg. It’s about political linguistics, which is really interesting. At the moment, the conservatives are thriving, due to how they work well with language and communication. This shows a lot of how Democrats can crawl out and start communicating better. It’s really good stuff! I’ve never bought a political nonfiction book before, but I guess it was time. I saw the author on the Colbert Report.

–You know it’s hard out here!