U2 in Somerville Thursday, Mar 12 2009 

What do you do when you can’t get tickets to the hottest event in Boston?

If you live for adventures, you don’t let that fact get in your way.

U2 just finished a three-concert tour across the United States.  There were stops in Los Angeles, Chicago and Boston.  All the concerts were super-exclusive, invitation-only and in small venues.

And they came to the SOMERVILLE THEATER.

The Somerville Theater in DAVIS SQUARE.  The  theater where I almost had beer spilled onto me during Pineapple Express.  The theater that’s home to the Museum of Bad Art.  The theater where I saw The Slutcracker.


Well, this was the most buzzed-about event to come to Boston in a few months, and the biggest thing to happen to Davis Square — my old neighborhood before I moved to the Back Bay — in YEARS.

Ten thousand people were expected in Davis, so I called Beth (who is a HUGE U2 fan) and we headed up to Davis to hang out outside in the hopes of getting a glimpse of the band.

It was crazy down there!

Ticket holders had to meet up in Assembly Square before they were bussed in.  Talk about exclusivity!

A local office gets into the spirit!

Lisa eventually arrived close to the end of the concert.

We were standing behind the theater because you can always hear concerts from back there.  We couldn’t really hear the music that well, but I downloaded the AOL Radio application so we could listen through Mix 98.5.

They played five songs — “Get On Your Boots,” “Magnificent,” “Breathe,” “I’ll Go Crazy if I Don’t Go Crazy Tonight” and “Vertigo” — and then had a Q&A with the audience.

So we waited.  And waited.

It got to be really cold, but it was worth it —

because U2 came out to see the fans after the concert!!!!!  AND I GOT TO TOUCH 3/4 OF THEM.

First, the Edge!


Then, Adam Clayton:

Again, I got his hand!

And then…


I touched his arm through his jacket…no skin-on-skin, hand-in-hand contact this time, but still!  It’s BONO!!!  Beth got Bono’s hand and she was nearly hyperventilating in happiness.

What a night!

I also have to say that I was so glad I was there with Lisa and Beth.  We always have a blast, no matter what we’re doing, and this was no exception.  Lisa is always great at toeing the line between idolizing and heckling, which she did with Channel 5 and security in particular.  🙂

Also, a few of our friends and family members saw us on television that night!

During times like these, I love my city SO much.

At which age is one too old to keg race? Sunday, Jul 20 2008 

I’m not talking about the kind of keg race during which you binge drink.  That’s so dangerous.

This story is a few weeks old, but I’m glad that I FINALLY have enough free time to post something!  Here we go:

We were celebrating Beth’s return to Boston, so we decided to go out in style.  We dressed up, met up at my place and headed to the T.

Classy, no?  🙂

About halfway to the T from my house, we came across a yard filled with college students.  We heard everyone cheering, so naturally, we started clapping along and yelling, “Chug! Chug! Chug!” without even knowing what was taking place.

And then we saw that a guy was walking on a keg, the way that a cartoon character might run on a log submerged in water.  We started laughing — it was so random!  And I have never seen anything like that taking place in my neighborhood, much less between my house and the T!

The guys saw us watching and brought us over.  And several of them were VERY handsome.

“I’ve lived here for a year and a half,” I told the most attractive of the bunch, “and I’ve never seen anything like this taking place.”  It was pretty impressive — the entire yard was crawling with people.

“Oh, we just moved in,” he told me.  “That’s why.”

“Ah.  I see.”

“Want to try?”

“NO.  No, no, no, NO no no no no.”

They kept insisting.  We kept refusing — we were in short skirts and heels!

Well, after a while, an urge takes over.

I sucked in a deep breath and as Frank the Tank once did, decided, “I’ll do one!  I’ll do one.”

My friends thought I was crazy.

HA!!!  AMAZING!!!  I only made a few steps and I held onto the guy the whole time (I was terrrified of falling on my ass and cracking my tailbone), but it was a lot of fun.

And then Beth decided to step up.

And the dismount!

(I’m glad Beth survived.  Beth is living proof of Murphy’s Law, and the craziest things happen to her.  She even wrote her college essay about it.)

So here we are, ranging from ages 22-24, and still hanging out at keg parties.  But who cares?  We’re in our twenties!  We’re having adventures!  We’re indulging in the unexpected, and every minute is FANTASTIC!

I told the guys to give me a call sometime.  Nobody said, “Sure, what’s your number?” and I took that as a sign to leave.

We went on to have a very classy night.

Free, awesome beer for no reason at all! Monday, May 12 2008 

On Cinco de Mayo, I wandered into the liquor store in Davis Square, briefly considering whether I should buy a bottle of tequila for the occasion, ignoring the fact that tequila and I do not get along whatsoever.

Once I got there, I realized that I still have a pantry full of Jameson and Bailey’s from St. Paddy’s Day two months ago, so getting tequila wouldn’t be a good idea.  But I did need some beer.  My roommates and I always have plenty of hard alcohol, but we don’t have much for mixers or beer.  It would be nice to have something to offer guests.

I walked around the store.  An older man said hi to me and I smiled without making eye contact.  I then picked up a six-pack of Blue Moon.  I liked that stuff.

“Excuse me,” the man said.  “How would you like me to buy you a six-pack?”

I laughed.  “Well, who’s going to say no to that?”

Turns out he’s the VP of Sales & Marketing for Leinenkugel’s.  He started talking to me about the brand, a beer with which I wasn’t familiar.

It turns out that Leinenkugel’s has a beer similar to Blue Moon called Sunset Wheat.  It has more orange and more coriander in it.  I love my Blue Moon with orange, so that sounded fantastic.

“Wait,” he said.  “Forget one — I’m going to buy you two.”

He started telling me about the Summer Shandy, a lemony beer perfect for the beach or relaxing on a summer evening.

He bought the two six-packs for me and even carried them out to my car for me.  He then gave me his business card and told me to email him and tell him how I liked them.

Well, Dick, here we go:

Leinenkugel’s Sunset Wheat: AMAZING.  It’s like Blue Moon on crack.  It’s just like he said — very similar to Blue Moon, but with much bolder flavor, much more orange and deliciously spicy.  Fantastic.  Just fantastic.

Leinenkugel’s Summer Shandy: Delicious, and I would definitely recommend it, but not as much as the Sunset Wheat.  It kind of walked the line for me — it wasn’t enough of a beer; it kind of tasted like a fruity girly drink.

Overall, I enjoyed them both immensely.  (I also brought a few to a party, where they went over well!)

I’ve felt for a while that I need to find *my* beer, a beer that is kind of obscure but delicious and one that I introduce to everyone.  I think that Leinenkugel’s Sunset Wheat could very well be it.

Thanks for the beer, Dick!

I’m moving to the Back Bay! Saturday, Apr 26 2008 

In Paris, it’s the 8ème arrondissement.  In New York, it’s the Upper East Side.  In London, it’s Knightsbridge; in Miami, it’s South Beach; in Washington, D.C., it’s Georgetown.

In Boston, it’s the Back Bay — the most upscale and luxurious neighborhood in the city.

And I am moving there on September 1!

My sister and I have planned to live together for the ’08/’09 school year.  This is for two main reasons: first of all, we miss each other so much, even as often as we see each other!  Secondly, this is Sarah’s last year in Boston before moving to Los Angeles.  This is our last chance.

Also, as much as I LOVE my apartment and living in Davis Square, it’s time for me to live downtown.  It takes me about 15 minutes to get to Park Street from Davis, plus a 10-minute walk to the T in the first place, and while that isn’t very long in retrospect, it’s starting to bother me.  I want to be closer.

Sars is a film student at Emerson College, which is in the Theatre District.  Because of this, and because of all of her late nights working on films and projects, she needs to be downtown.  She is currently moving out of her Chinatown apartment just a few blocks away from school.

We were open to living in several different places.  Although the South End was my first choice (I will live there someday!), we were open to living in Beacon Hill, Bay Village, the North End, Fenway, the Longwood Medical Area and even as far as Central Square in Cambridge and Coolidge Corner in Brookline.  (ANYWHERE but Allston/Brighton.)

This place popped up on our radar.  We saw it the first day it went on the market, and when we saw what an amazing deal it was, we immediately pounced on it.

That being said, it’s small.

It’s a two-bed split: that means that there are two bedrooms and no living room.  When you walk in, there’s a hallway running from left to right.  There is a bedroom on the left side (with a bay window!) and a bedroom on the right side.  In the middle are a kitchen (tiny!  Not eat-in!) and a bathroom.

The apartment is in a brownstone near Berklee College of Music, technically in the Back Bay but right by Symphony and Fenway.  When you walk into the building, ours is the apartment immediately on the left, right next to the mailboxes!

And there are TONS of Berklee students there.  The guy living above us plays the drums.  Yikes.  He says he mainly plays at school, though.  It’s almost like dorm life.  Hopefully we’ll have some of the benefits of dorm life, like getting to meet new people all the time.

Yes, living in a place this small will be a challenge, but at least the bedrooms are large.  Besides, since we’re so close, we don’t mind hanging out in each other’s bedrooms, and we aren’t shy to having friends hang out there, either, like some people are.

Also, I will be getting rid of my car.  I’m very nervous about this, but I know it’s ultimately the right decision, considering gas prices, the environment and the deteriorating state of my car.  I won’t visit my parents and friends in Reading and Wakefield as often, but I can always take the orange line to Oak Grove, a 15-minute drive from my mom, or even take the commuter rail.

Plus, my dad loves coming into town whenever he can and has been doing it a LOT since Sarah and I moved here.  (I kind of have the feeling that he might relocate to a condo in Charlestown or Cambridge five years from now.)

And Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s are right in the neighborhood, along with a Shaw’s!  We’ll need to get one of those old lady carts.

I have to say that I have had a FANTASTIC living situation for the past 16 months.  My apartment is terrific, and I have wonderful roommates and landlords.  My roommates have become three of my closest friends, and considering some of the roommate experiences I’ve had in the past, that’s an incredible gift!  I will miss them dearly.

So…if you’re looking for a place to live, I have a great Davis Square apartment that I can offer you, starting September 1 (which is Labor Day).

Earl Grey Latte Wednesday, Apr 9 2008 

I dropped by Starbucks for the first time in a while and decided to get one of my favorite drinks, a London Fogger.  (It’s Earl Grey tea with steamed milk and four pumps of vanilla.  Try it — it’s great!)

Strangely enough, the Starbucks in Davis was nearly deserted (and it was only around 6:30!).  The barista and I chatted for a few minutes while the other barista made my drink.

Nearly every time I order a London Fogger, I have to explain exactly what it is.  The Starbucks in Downtown Crossing had it as a featured drink last year, so those baristas were pushing it like crazy, but nobody else knows what it is!

“That’s weird,” the barista told me, “but not the weirdest drink I ever got.”

“Really?  What was that?” I asked.

“Well, it was a grande, and it had an L on the side, so it was a latte, and then he asked for me to put an Earl Grey teabag in it.  Espresso, steamed milk and Earl Grey tea.  I tried it out of curiosity.  It wasn’t bad.”

Well, it’s no orange mocha frappuccino, but it’s still pretty scary.

Also, when you Google Image “Evil Starbucks,” this is what you get:

“Express Train to Davis” — or, 21 was AWESOME! Sunday, Mar 30 2008 

Lisa and I went to see 21 last night.  What an awesome movie!  We both absolutely loved it, and Jim Sturgess is the hottness.  (We also thought that the film’s lackluster reviews were largely undeserved.)

Before anything else, I want to mention an error that irked me a bit.

There are two scenes that take place on the red line.  Each time, the sign on top reads “EXPRESS TRAIN TO DAVIS.”

I’ve lived in Davis for over a year, and I have NEVER seen an express train to Davis.  There’s no point — Porter may be less significant, but Harvard is a major stop and Alewife is the end of the line!  Express red line trains go to Alewife.

Also, on the second red line scene, it reads “EXPRESS TRAIN TO DAVIS” and Kate Bosworth’s character gets off at one of the Quincy stops.  That’s impossible.


If you’re not familiar with the movie, it’s a loose adaptation of Ben Mezrin’s book Bringing Down the House, which is based on the MIT Blackjack team that went to Las Vegas and made millions counting cards at Blackjackc.  They robbed Vegas casinos of quite a bit of money for quite a long time before they were caught.

Card counting technically isn’t illegal.  However, as the movie so deftly shows, if you’re caught, there’s a chance you’ll be beaten up by big, beefy security guards.  From what I’ve read, if you’re caught, you’re likely be asked to leave the casino.

I loved seeing the glamorous scenes in Las Vegas, and I always love to see Boston on film, too.  I thought that Kevin Spacey was absolutely electric in his role as the math instructor and leader of the team.

It was so thrilling — it gets your adrenaline.  My heart was racing the whole time, especially during the scenes in Las Vegas.  It made me so excited for my upcoming trip there in June.

(There’s one part when one girl on the team is sitting by a pool, getting a back massage and a foot massage from two different guys at the same time.  Lisa and I geeked out over that.  “That’s so us!” we crowed.)

In runs a bit out of steam later in the film, and there is absolutely no chemistry between Jim Sturgess and Kate Bosworth, but I thought that it was an overall enjoyable film.

Also, I guess I have to say something about the alleged racism.  There has been a lot said in the news about the film being purpotedly racist against Asians.  The real MIT team was primarily Asian, including the guy it’s based on, Jeff Ma, and in the film version, there were only two Asians on the team.  Both of them were goofy, one of them being a total klepto.

First of all, the fact is that casting never reflects real life — at the very least, much more attractive people are cast in the roles than they ever would be in real life.  Not everyone who goes to MIT is hot!  As my college writing advisor said in our classes so often, “Just because it happened that way, that doesn’t mean it makes good fiction.”

Secondly, there are hardly any well-known Asian-American actors.  I can only name one: John Cho (a.k.a. Harold in the Harold and Kumar movies).  Should they have cast more Asians on the team?  Honestly, I didn’t expect them to cast two in the first place.  Maybe one more would have been slightly more relevant, but I don’t think omitting any further Asian characters was an act of malice.

Additionally, plenty of other characters were used for comic relief, including the main character’s two white friends.

In conclusion, I think people are seeing what they want to see when it comes to alleged racism in this movie.  People are making mountains out of molehills.

Try to get out and see 21 this week or next weekend.  I bet you’ll love it!

Highlights of St. Paddy’s Day 2008 Tuesday, Mar 18 2008 

St. Paddy’s Day is one of the many reasons that I am so happy to be living in Boston today.

I don’t have too much to say about the festivities of this year, so I’ll just let this picture speak for itself:

Yeah, that’s me and Lisa with Willie at the Burren in Davis!  Willie from Reading, whom I have known since the first grade!  He moved to my neighborhood a few months ago, so I’ve seen him around from time to time.

I love this picture.  You can see how glad we were to run into each other.

(I also told Surina about the time in the eighth grade when Willie told Lisa that he was going to crucify her and she freaked out until he told her that he meant the wrestling move, not an actual crucifixion.)

Here are the highlights of the night:

  • Lisa and I spent a while talking to a guy who is actually planning a trip to Somaliland!  I have NEVER met anyone who has even heard of Somaliland, let alone planning a trip there!  Somaliland is a region of Somalia that is SAFE, wonderful and so much better than Somalia that it has declared independence — only nobody in the world will recognize it as its own state.  (And how did I find out about this place?  Lonely Planet’s BLUELIST!)
  • I had fun with green eyeliner.
  • Lisa, Surina and I went to Diva for Indian food before our night out and had our usual tasty meal with horrible service.  And I had wonderful coconut and apricot naan.
  • At the Burren, we were sitting right near the ladies’ room and watched a guy walk in by mistake, then come out, holding his hands up in panic.  We laughed for a good ten minutes.
  • We met a guy who teaches science at Parker, one of the middle schools in Reading!  (My sister went there, but Lisa and I went to the other one.)  And he knows our friend who teaches there!
  • Apparently, when a guy walks in with a handlebar moustache, it’s socially acceptable to just point and yell “STAAAAAAAAACHE!”
  • Lisa can jig just as well as her Irish mother!

As always, a great time.  It wasn’t the epic evening that last year was, but it was also a Monday and not a Saturday.  It was relaxing and fun.

Johnny D’s Trivia Names Wednesday, Mar 5 2008 

I got to experience the wonder that is Trivia Night at Johnny D’s in Davis Square.  I knew that there would be teams, and I knew that they would have names, but these names were FANTASTIC:

  • Will Ferrell’s Big Balls
  • Happily Ever Afterbirth
  • Dorothy Mantooth
  • I’m Barbara F—ing Walters
  • Food & Thug Administration
  • Check Out My Sideburns
  • Vladimir Poontang

Basically, quote any Will Ferrell movie and you’re in.

I’m going next week, and actively competing, and I can’t decide if I want my team name to be Dr. Kenneth Noisewater or the Glory Holes.  Maybe the Glass Case of Emotion or Pete Doherty’s Crack Kittens.  Or R. Kelly’s Underage Lovers.


Quote of the Day — and Starbucks Adventure Monday, Jan 14 2008 

“You know people who have that gene for them to hate broccoli?  Well, they also have the same gene for hating sugar-free mocha.  I’m positive of it.  Don’t you think so?”
–Davis Square Starbucks barista

After the very friendly barista at my local Starbucks — one whom I didn’t recognize — asked this question, she began to go on and on about how different people have different genes that have them like and dislike certain flavors.

There were two people waiting at the counter for their drinks.  The guy was sipping from a little sample cup.

“Tastes like Dimetapp,” he said.

“Are you kidding?!” I cried.  “Dimetapp is the BEST THING EVER!  I used to look forward to getting sick when I was little, just so I could take some Dimetapp!”

“Now,” said the barista, “what you’re drinking is sugar-free mocha syrup and milk.  That’s it.”

“Ugh, it’s awful!” the guy and his friend yelled.

“Okay,” the barista said, “now that we’re talking about it, you two” — she pointed to me and another guy — “have to try some.”

It was exactly as she said — sugar-free mocha syrup and milk.  And, although I had hardly sense of smell (I’m much better today but still not well), I tried it, and it wasn’t that bad.  It was like chocolate milk made with the store-brand version of Hershey’s syrup.

Definitely not Dimetapp, though.

Not bad.  Not bad.

Welcome to Davis Square Tuesday, Sep 25 2007 

As I walked into Davis Square earlier this evening, I came across an unusual sight:

A woman, dressed in bright orange, holding up a sign that read, “IMPEACH BUSH AND CHENEY.”

Nearly every car that drove by beeped at her — and nice beeps, the beep-beep-beep-beep, not the mean beeps like leaning on the horn.

I love my neighborhood. I am so glad to live here. This isn’t the only reason, obviously, but it’s so nice to live in a place where so many people are politically liberal (not to mention politically active).

Best of Boston Sunday, Sep 2 2007 

I was going to make this into three separate entries, but with the craziness of my life, I’ll have to consolidate them to one.

First of all, Lisa and I went to Union, who continued their Restaurant Week menu through the end of the month.

Holy God, our waiter was gorgeous.

Lisa tends to laugh uncontrollably at inappropriate moments. I don’t, but as soon as SHE starts laughing, I never stop. Therefore, whenever our waiter came by to talk to us, we would both be nearly in hysterics and our waiter smiled sheepishly. Then we started talking with him, and it turns out that he’s a pretty cool guy (and not just unforgivably gorgeous). After that, we saw him as a person, not just a perfectly sculpted piece of meat who looked just like a young George Clooney with a bit of Stamos thrown in. We like ’em tall and dark.

Besides the waiter, Union was awesome — definitely my favorite restaurant so far. Everything was great. The food — oh, the food! — is upscale New American food, or, more simply, really upscale comfort food. In addition to their nice entrees (I had coriandar-dusted sea scallops and she had barbecued salmon), they’re known for dishes like their gnocchi, burger, sandwiches, NICE brunch, and just a lot of familiar food that they manage to recraft as fine dining. The food was great. My favorite course was the appetizer, prosciutto-wrapped plums, which made it seem, between the texture and the meat, that you were actually eating steak! We both had smores tarts for dessert.

The atmosphere is great, as well. There are these awesome black round leather banquettes where you can fit five people, and the lighting is great, there are little, bright-colored single flowers at each table, and there’s even a bit of rustic wood. It sounds like it wouldn’t match, but it works. It works quite well.

As for the service, it was fantastic. Our waiter was great, and when I mentioned how L’Espalier felt robotic and weird, he told me that he knows someone who works there and they have to follow all these strict rules and start out keeping only 50% of their tips. Yikes! He said that at Union, they’re pretty much allowed to do their own thing. You could tell — he seemed himself. I still have to say that I give Excelsior the highest marks for doing everything and seeming like they’re never there, but Union is a close second.

Also, I saw an ex across the room. Not pleasant. I had previously mentioned on this blog that I was going on that particular night, so it’s certainly no fault of mine.

Lisa and I went to the Hong Kong for some karaoke afterward (“I would walk 500 miles” and “I Touch Myself”) and, as usual, we met a pair of guys, and, as usual, we overheard them discussing who would go for whom, and, as usual, the unattractive one picked me. ALWAYS!!

This past week, we found out about quite an unusual event. DONNIE WAHLBERG, former New Kid on the Block and brother of Marky Mark, was having his birthday party in Boston, and it was open to the public!!

We had to go.

The party was at the Estate, where Mansion used to be (not that I had previously been to either) and there was no cover until 11. The club is really opulent — chandeliers everywhere, including the bathroom stalls, red velvet couches, and scenes from old movies were playing on screens. The drinks were astoundingly expensive, which sent us on a search to find guys to buy free drinks for us.

We quickly learned that it wasn’t nearly as easy as when we’re at Sissy K’s, one of our more frequented places, where the guys are all from the suburbs and the drinks in question are $1.50.

We started asking, portraying it as a bit of a joke (when it really wasn’t), and one guy told us to find the “little guy in a suit” named Sal, and that he’d hook us up.

We started going up to every remotely small guy in any combination of clothing that could be considered a suit and going, “Sal?” If he stared blankly, we moved on.

We eventually came up to the guy who we had described as a “little dark Ryan Seacrest” and went, “Sal?”

He broke into a huge smile and said, “Hey, how have you guys been?”

Hilarious. I love when people try to act like they remember you when they actually don’t — and when they SHOULDN’T, because they’ve never met you!!

We talked to him for a bit, and we were a bit too polite to outright ask him to hook us up with free stuff. Later, though, we were talking with this guy who had really long hair and the girls giving away free beers loved him, so they hooked us up, too.

Donnie himself only spent around 30 minutes at the club. We tried our hardest to get up to the VIP platform, but the bouncers were EXTREMELY adamant about keeping us as far from the stage as possible. We got yelled at. A lot. We did get a few good pictures of Donnie blowing out his candles. (He looks ROUGH. It was his 38th birthday.) Sadly, Marky Mark wasn’t there, but Jordan Knight was.

We then went to Chau Chow City to gorge ourselves on chicken fingers and crab rangoons. My sister lives right by there, so I called her, but she was sleeping.

Overall, Lisa and I agreed that, even though we hadn’t met any more New Kids (I met Joey McIntyre once, and she’s met him a few times), the night had been a success.

I haven’t slept this week at all, and I’ve been a complete grouch because of it. It was SO fantastic to sleep in today. Now it’s 1:30, I’m still in my pajamas, and I’m transferring my music from my old computer to my new one (finally).

I love my new computer, by the way. It’s a Dell Inspiron 1521, and it is nothing short of SUBLIME. I love it, I love it, I love it!

On Friday night, my new roommate, Jessica, and I had no plans, so we decided to go to see The Nanny Diaries, which is now playing at the little Somerville Theater in our neighborhood. We had both heard that the movie wasn’t supposed to be that great, but we both enjoyed the book and liked the cast.

We also decided that, as this is the only movie theater we had ever been to (except for the one where I went in Florence) that actually sells BEER, we had to get some. We got Harpoon UFOs and wristbands.

The movie was pretty good — we both enjoyed it. It was no The Devil Wears Prada, and Laura Linney’s no Meryl Streep, that’s for sure, but it was a fun girly popcorn movie. I felt like they included a lot of parts from the book but only briefly, and it probably seemed rushed and random to people who hadn’t read the book. For example, they included the parts with the crazy cokehead Park Avenue mother who threw cake frosting everywhere, and the part when the grandmother showed up, but both were for less than a minute.

I did love that Donna Murphy was in it (she’s the ballet teacher in Center Stage, one of my favorite movies of all time) and I thought she and Scarlett Johansson looked like a realistic mother and daughter.

After the movie, we decided to hit up Johnny D’s. Johnny D’s is one of the best-known places in Davis Square, and I was surprised that people came from all over, including a woman from Reading, and I actually know her son! I was expecting the Somerville/Cambridge/Medford/Arlington crowd, but it was much more than that.

Johnny D’s is famous for its live musics, with shows almost every night. It also has a nice jazz brunch that I’d like to check out. There was a well-known blues singer that night, Jeff Pitchell, and he and his band were great — a lot of fun. Great music.

What will always stick out in my mind the most, however, is one particular dancer.

The club wasn’t that crowded, but a good amount of people were on the dance floor by the middle of the night. This included his “groupies,” as Jessica and I dubbed them, three (sadly) overweight and unattractive women in various degrees of skimpy clothing who were dancing like crazy and singing along to every song.

One of the women — oh my GOD! She was, I’m sad to say, quite homely, and she wore a short-sleeved see-through flesh-colored lace top over a black tank top, and an incomprehensible denim skirt. The skirt was quite short — shorter than mid-thigh — and had two layers of ruffles at the bottom, one denim, one white.

She proceeded to dance like crazy the entire night, drinking and flaying her arms around, becoming more and more wild.

That’s when her skirt began to flip up.

She was wearing white Hanes Her Way undies, and they were CLEARLY visible to the entire bar. She kept turning and turning, and the skirt kept flipping halfway up her butt.

“This is like a car crash,” said Jessica. “I can’t look away.”

“Aren’t those supposed to be her friends?” I pointed out.

Well, we left a few hours later, and she was still going strong, still showing her ass to the masses. I have no idea if she ever even noticed.

Poor girl.

A Great Place to Live Sunday, Jun 10 2007 

We’ve got some big news at the apartment — my roommate Christie got engaged last weekend! She’s thrilled, and I’m thrilled for her.

She is also moving out August 15th.

Hence, it’s time to look for a new roommate!

Before posting anything on Craigslist, I thought it would be a great opportunity to extol the virtues of my lovely apartment to the readers of Kate’s Adventures. First, check out some pictures of the inside. Keep in mind that they were taken in winter.


–There are four roommates. We will likely be looking for another female.
–The apartment is in Somerville, specifically, near Davis Square. It’s about an 8-10 minute walk to the Davis Square red line station. Teele Square is even closer.
–I’m not going to post the rent (and you can probably find it buried in a former entry), but I will tell you it is SO cheap compared to most of non-ghetto Boston. As I’ve said many times before, I know only ONE person in the Boston area who pays less than me, and she had creepy Russian roommates who spied on her in the shower. (Hehe, sorry, Michelle.) To be completely honest, a place like this could easily go for $100-200 more. I lucked out. Utilities are not included and are about average for the Boston area.


The apartment is on the second and third floors of a two-family house. The landlords live on the first floor (and are very accessible and very good about taking care of problems).

The second floor features the kitchen, dining room, living room, half bathroom, pantry, door to the basement, porch for storage, and my bedroom. There is also a good-sized piece of almost-flat roof where I like to sit in a lounge chair and read on warm days.

The third floor features the other three bedrooms (including your bedroom) and a full bathroom.

I’m not sure which bedroom it’s going to be, since the girls may switch. But mine is the smallest (though the best-located) and it’s about 10′ by 10.5′. I love being right next to the kitchen, so I’m not giving up this room!

Street parking is available with a Somerville sticker, which is a cheap price that I can’t recall. We have two parking passes for visitors. There is FREE laundry in the basement!


Davis Square is a great place to live for someone in his or her twenties. Everyone I know lives in Brighton, but this place is so much fun! The Square is, essentially, what Harvard Square used to be before it became a giant sellout. There are few chains, and there are plenty of quirky coffeeshops, thrift stores, a great used book store, an old school video rental place, an ANNA’S TAQUERIA (pure bliss), and a movie theater!

There is a Bank of America ATM and a Citizen’s ATM (and probably more that I can’t think of at the moment), there’s a Starbucks and Dunkin’ Donuts, and there are plenty of cool bars, like the Burren, the Joshua Tree and Johnny D’s (which is great for live music).

For restaurants, there are a few Indian places, a few Tibetan places, a really nice place (Gargoyles on the Square), pizza places, Italian places, Chinese places, diners, and a great barbecue place (Redbones). There’s also a J.P. Licks for ice cream.

And, of course, there is the Davis Square station on the red line. It’s about a 15-20 minute ride to Park Street and downtown Boston. Best of all, you DON’T have to deal with the drama of taking the green line!!

Davis Square is so active every month of the year; even during the winter, you will see the streets full of people. It’s a mecca for people my age. One of my favorite things to do in the Square is to buy a super burrito at Anna’s and go see a movie at the Somerville Theater. The Starbucks is also a REALLY GOOD, really big Starbucks. (It’s always pretty busy, though, and it can be hard to find a seat.)

As for groceries, I go to the Shaw’s down the street in Porter Square. There’s also a Wild Oats nearby, and a Stop & Shop not too far away, if you need Bigelow Red Raspberry tea! And we have a really cool liquor store with flashing lights at the end of our street.


The other two girls are graduate students at Tufts who are in their twenties. At 22, I’m the youngest. They are both very kind, intelligent, funny girls, and they’re very busy with their schoolwork!

We don’t spend much time together, since we’re so busy, and we do most of our roommate communication by email, but whenever we hang out, we always get along great.

Rommate Criteria:

When the girls were looking for roommates before, they wanted a young professional or graduate student, and I believe that holds for this round, too.

Again, I need to talk over the specifics with my roommates, but I’m sure it’s safe to say that we do NOT want a smoker. For me, personally, I wouldn’t live with anyone who does drugs of any kind — ANY kind.

Also, we’re very quiet here. This is not a place for you if you plan to host parties. We have friends over from time to time, but this is definitely not a party apartment.

Roommates live here for a long time. The guy who I replaced had lived here for a year, and all of the other girls have lived here at least a year and a half. Christie, who’s leaving, has lived here the longest. This isn’t for a short-termer.

If you think you may be interested, or you know someone who may be, just let me know and I’ll give you more specifics, including the costs and the specific location.

Keep in mind that this isn’t an official roommate ad yet — it’s just an overview of the place. Everything is subject to change, including availability.

Even if you’re thinking of another place, if you’re thinking about moving, PLEASE consider Davis Square. It’s a great place to be, fun, reasonably priced, and SO much more convenient than living anywhere on the green line!

St. Paddy’s Day 2007 Thursday, Mar 22 2007 

First of all, let me state that Lisa and I are the greatest bar duo EVER. How do we do it so well?! We always go in and OWN the place. We’re the girls people want to hang out with. We drink, but not that much; we dance, but don’t get disgusting; we flirt with guys, but never end up sucking face with them; pretty much, we just spend time trying to meet the craziest people in the bar and just hang out with them. And wherever we go, whether it’s the Burren on St. Paddy’s Day, a summer night at Sissy K’s, or joining a nearly all-male pub crawl on Boylston St., we have an awesome time.

I’m really behind on blogging. As I write this, I’m in Brownsville, Texas, where it is SO hot and humid outside (my fave kind of weather!) and I just spent a day with Beth at her school. But before I can write about my time here (and my VISIT TO SONIC!!), I have to catch up with St. Paddy’s Day.

Lisa came over around 2 or so, and since she was planning to stay over, she brought me some Gingerbread Construction Company muffins. It was a taste of Lake Quannapowitt (only without the windsurfers and toxic pollution) — I miss it! We took the red line down to meet her friends from Holy Cross in the Faneuil Hall area, and that’s when it started to look like the holiday. People were drinking in the streets, painted green, and waiting in HUGE lines at the bars, even though it was just the afternoon.

We ended up meeting the group at Boston Beer Works, had some great Irish beers (an Irish Cream Stout, which tasted just like Bailey’s, and then a green Fenway Pale Ale) and some nachos and burgers. A few of the girls left the group, and then Lisa, Carissa, Erin and I walked around the area looking for a new place to go.

After deciding not to pay a cover just then, and seeing that the line at Hurricane O’Reilly’s was so long (which is so desolate on some nights that Lisa was the lone dancer and has resorted to using the pole as her partner), we decided to go into Sports Grille and have a few drinks. The NCAA games were on, and that inspired Lisa to chant, “Go Holy Cross! Go Holy Cross!” (Yeah, I don’t think people cared.) And then she started pointing out that both teams (Vanderbilt and whomever) were tied at 69, and, well, that made everything go crazy. And then two OTHER teams were tied at 69….and Lisa went wild.

We asked for Irish car bombs and denied, then left the place shortly after. We walked through Faneuil Hall for a while and in terms of line and pricing, the Hong Kong looked to be our best bet, but who really wants to go there on St. Paddy’s? After a while, Lisa and I split away from Carissa and Erin, and we jumped on the T at Government Center (while running into my awesome coworker Mike, who went to UNH, and Lisa is a grad student at UNH now, so that was cool!), enjoyed a rendition of “Whiskey in the Jar” by the college students in the car, and then went up to Davis to go to the Burren, where I knew several of my coworker friends were spending the holiday.

The line was long, and cold, and Lisa’s shoes were filling up with water, but we made it in. (We also saw one of my coworkers get kicked out, then chased by the bouncers. Heh.) Towards the end of the wait, this guy, who was with a friend, started yelling out, “$20.00 cover?! What does that get you? A FREE HEATER!! Free heater, everyone! Come up here for the free heater!” I really can’t capture the absurdity of it, but Lisa and I were laughing like crazy and yelling back stuff like, “The one thing I want to know — is there a FREE HEATER involved?”

We got in, and I looked for my coworkers, but couldn’t find anyone. We saw the Free Heater guys in the back, so we went up to them and introduced ourselves. Their names were Jeremy and Jeremy (although Lisa thought the tall one was named Frank, for some reason, which led to some confusion — I will call him Frank here to keep things clear), and they were roommates in the navy! They were there with Shelly, who I believed was their friend’s sister, and she lives in Davis, which is why they were there. The guys immediately bought me and Lisa some beers, and we just hung out and talked. They were really, really cool guys, really hilarious. So was Shelly. I love when you meet buddies for the night at a bar!

Later on, a band started up — the Johnny Come Latelys! They were pretty good — and there is NO better music to dance to than Irish music! And when you’ve had some drinks, everyone thinks that they can Riverdance with the best of them. Lisa and I sure did — it was too bad Mrs. L wasn’t there to show us how to REALLY jig! (She has performed it, at Lisa’s graduation party and on other occasions, and it’s always a show-stopper!)

Several more of my friends showed up once they got off work, and we had a great time — my coworker Lindsey actually said that Lisa and I looked like sisters, which we don’t think is true at all, and that’s the second time in six months that somebody has said that!

Oh, as the night went on, guess what — the Jeremys and Shelly kept buying us drinks ALL NIGHT LONG, including a round of shots. Can you believe it? We offered to pay, and they wouldn’t let us. We just kept dancing around and feeling the hair of this guy who came in full green outfit, complete with giant furry wig. (He got kind of pissed off later, but come on — you show up dressed like that, expect to be groped by the whole room!) There were some random little old men around the room, too….the band was old guys, but the drummer was young and kind of cute.

At the end of the night, we hugged the Jeremys, Frank got Lisa a Guinness balloon from the wall, and we seeked out the drummer and told him how much we enjoyed the band. They really were good. I love Irish bands — they remind me of the Black 47 concerts at Fairfield, and how I always wanted to crowdsurf but never did….

We walked home, since the Burren is right in my neighborhood, and met two guys on the way home. They were at the Burren, too, and we talked about how AWESOME it was there. (It was. No better place for St. Paddy’s! I can’t wait to go out there again, too.) Then one guy goes, “So, where were you tonight?” “DUDE, WE’VE BEEN TALKING ABOUT THE BURREN FOR THE PAST FIVE MINUTES!!!”

We got back, we hung out, we drank some water and we went to bed. What a perfect St. Paddy’s Day. And it goes without saying that Lisa and I fucking OWNED that night!! I really wish I could describe it in better detail….anyways, that night was legendary. I can’t wait for next year.

Next post will be about the great time that I’m having down here!

News of Lately Wednesday, Dec 13 2006 

So much to write and so much to say. Very little time. I’ve been working overtime to earn some extra money, and it’s quite draining to get home from work and know that I’ll be there again in just a few hours. Two things that I need to write about the most: my night out on Saturday (which included Hong Kong, the Rack, being a VIP at Avalon AND a late-night meal in Chinatown), and my commentary on the Grammy nominations.

For now:

I got an apartment!!!

I didn’t want to say anything until it was official, but it is now official, and I’m saying it! I’ll be moving to a lovely apartment at the end of the month — anytime after the 20th. Likely just after Christmas. It’s the top two floors of a two-family house in Somerville, just 7 minutes or so from Davis Square — which is an AWESOME area. I’ll be living with three other girls, two who work in Boston and one grad student at Tufts.

I first saw this house well over a month ago and once I walked inside, it was a breath of fresh air. For one thing, it was the neatest and cleanest place I had ever seen. And on top of that, it was beautiful. The bathrooms have just been redone, there are these beautiful arched doorways with molding, and so much is white, white, white. I do love color, but the white makes it look so peaceful….it’s in such a good location. Davis Square is right on the red line, and it’s only around a 20-25 minute ride from South Station, right down the street from work.

I am so excited. And relieved. This is going to make my life so much easier. I feel like everything’s clicking into place like one of those IKEA chairs that just snaps together. It’s like I always knew what was going to happen, it was just a matter of it starting to take place.

Another thing that was bothering me….the whole weight issue. I began college at exactly 111 and graduated at exactly 139, after a bacchanalian and hedonistic senior week. A lot of that weight was packed on in Florence; even more was added during my senior year. And because of it, the pictures of me from that time are awful. Especially the ones in Europe with Sars.

I’ve tried losing it, over and over again, and it’s just crept back on. But now it’s finally sticking.

It has to be a combination of the long walk from my car to the T and from Downtown Crossing to Southie and back five times a week — probably at least two miles a day in total — plus the weird night schedule and cutting way down on the amount I actually eat because of it. But now I’m down to 125.5.

Those size 8 jeans I bought from the Limited a month and a half ago or so? Now I can get them off without even undoing them. I’m like a guy — I NEED a belt!

So it’s going very well in that regard as well. 🙂

That’s it — I have to be at work less than 10 hours from now, and I’m going to be getting some nice rest. Later on I’ll write about this weekend and post the pictures. They’re good. 🙂