Quite the Accent You Have Sunday, Jul 13 2008 

I just got back from Connecticut for a Fairfield reunion!  My friends Sean and Shannon recently moved in together in a house in Bridgeport.  It’s a beautiful house and a great place for hosting gatherings.  And it was a fun, fun gathering that they had this weekend!

Here’s a picture of me and my college roommate, Kelly Anne, who lives in Philadelphia now:

And (hey, what the hell?), here is us during our graduation ceremony two years ago:

(This is the heaviest I have ever been.  I’m about 17 pounds lighter now.)

At one point yesterday, Kelly said to me, “Your Boston accent has gotten a LOT thicker since college.”

Not the first time I’ve heard that, though college friends who have visited me at home have always said that my accent is much thicker when I’m around my family.  (Spend a few minutes with either of my parents and you’ll see why.)

Now, I don’t know if there’s anything exotic or different about the Boston accent, but a few guys we met in Faneuil Hall on Friday night seemed to think so.

Beth and I were chatting with these three randos in the street, and this is how the conversation went:

Guy 1: “Do I detect the hint of an accent?”

Me (looking at Beth): “Wow…you know, you are the first person to say that to me in quite some time!  Nobody notices anymore!”

Guy 1: “I knew it!  Where are you from?”

Me: “Guess.”

Guy 2: “South America?”

Me: “Nope…”

Guy 3: “Greece.  I bet you’re from Greece.”

Me: “I’ll just say that I’m from a beautiful country with beautiful people.”

Guy 3: “Spain!”

Me: “No…”

At that point, both they and I lost interest, and my friends and I resumed our walking alongside the crazies, tourists and hobos of Faneuil Hall.  It was actually a really fun night.


FU Text Messages Sunday, Aug 19 2007 

I miss my friends from Fairfield very much. I wish it were easier for everyone to get together. They’ve pretty much been virtual friendships (for the most part) since graduation.

Last night, however, I received some amusing text messages from two of my friends that reminded me of the hilarious times we had.

This is how it began:

Jeff: I miss u!

3 minutes later:

Kara: Toto just texted me. I miss him and duffy.

22 minutes following that:

Kara: I somehow told him you duffy him and i would have a 4some

The next morning:

Jeff: O god another creepy texting night for me

Kara: You should see the ones he sent! Craziness!

Love it.

I miss you guys. Is it possible to have some kind of reunion when we’re all free?

Class Rank! Wednesday, Jun 13 2007 

I was looking over my transcript from Fairfield tonight — my REAL transcript, not the kind you can look up online — and I saw something I hadn’t seen before.

My class rank.

There were 650 in the class.

I’m 155.

That would be the top 23.84% of the class.


I was in the top 34% at Reading High, and the people there weren’t nearly the caliber of Fairfield. And they tell you that if you graduate in the top half, no matter what the school, you’ve done well.

I feel great.

To the Fairfield Class of 2007 Sunday, May 20 2007 

Dear Fairfield Class of 2007:

First of all, big congratulations. I know you’ve been hearing a lot of crap along the lines of “You have done so much! You are so lucky! You have ACHIEVED!!” I really don’t want to add to that, but it’s true.

There are always going to be a few Fairfielders who hold a bitterness in their heart for being rejected from BC or Holy Cross, and they’ve never let go of it over the course of four years. It’s dragging them down, whether it’s instilled by their parents, comparisons to siblings, or deep-rooted inadequacy.

FORGET all that.

Do you know how incredibly lucky you are to have been born in America, the country where ANYONE can be successful if he or she works hard, and to graduate from Fairfield, a university that must be among the top 100 in the nation?

What if you had been born in rural China or Chad, an area where education is not supported?

You’re so lucky. Never forget that. When you’re going into job interviews, fretting over the wording of your internships or the difference between cum laude and magna cum laude, remember that.

Times can be bad, and times can be great, but overall, Fairfield is a great school that takes its academics and especially the Jesuit ideals seriously.

Also, if you survived senior week, you know exactly the same thing that I found out: that every minute of your drinking life, you were preparing your liver for THIS WEEK. You’ve pushed yourself to new levels. And if you’re still living, you know that you will very likely never do that to such an extreme again.

Now, it’s time for the jobs.

Since I graduated a year ago, I’ve learned some things about entering the workforce. I wish I had known them at the time, so please take a chance to read them.

–Don’t do a temp-to-perm job unless you’re passionate about the company and the position in particular. If not, you just end up working for less with no benefits and no vacation time.

–There is no shame in living at home right away. Most people do it, for a few months, at least, and the ones that don’t do it often have their parents partially paying for their apartments and living expenses. While that can be nice, do you really want to be living on your own, but not by your own financial means?

–Be mature, and be honest with yourself. Don’t get an apartment before you’re sure that you can afford it. Remember that you need first, last and security.

–You don’t have to get a job right away! Just because your business- and nursing-major friends have jobs lined up, it doesn’t mean you have to grab the first job that you’re offered. You probably got a TON of graduation money. Live on that for a while. Travel, if you can. This is your last chance to have a lot of free time.

–The best way to find job offerings is 1) through the websites of companies that interest you 2) through Craigslist. Monster.com and CareerBuilder.com require companies to pay to post jobs, so most of the jobs have high turnover or are difficult to fill for quality reasons.

–Your colleagues will become your very good friends, if you’re lucky. (My priority was to find a large company with lots of people my age. I did, and it’s great!) Enjoy your friendships, but also know when to draw the line between business and pleasure.

–Keep dreaming. Be unconventional. I’m planning my RTW — just because you’re working right now, that doesn’t mean you’re stuck until retirement!

–That being said, don’t believe what people say about the real world. It can be a lot of fun. I’m enjoying it. 🙂

I’m so proud of you all. Congratulations.


One thing I forgot to mention is that it HURTS like crazy right now. I know. I spent my graduation lunch with my family in tears, just thinking about how much I would miss my friends and how I’d hardly ever see them again. I couldn’t stop crying.

It hurts. But it gets better.

Also, if you got tagged in this note and then untagged, I apologize; I tagged all of my friends in the class of 2007, then realized that facebook has a tag limit. So I downsized a bit. Apologies. But know that all of you are in my thoughts right now.

Pops 2007 Sunday, May 6 2007 

I returned to Fairfield earlier this week to catch this year’s glee club pops concert. I had missed the gala — at that point, I didn’t really feel like going — but it was pretty easy for me to switch my hours around, so I did it! The theme this year was Glee Club Goes Hollywood, with songs from movies, which had plenty of great offerings.

And again, like when I returned for the Christmas concert, and even when I came for that overnight last September and stayed with James and Mike, I had that feeling — I’m so glad that I’m out of college, tinged with a tiny bit of I’m beyond this. I don’t mean that in a snobby way, even though it sounds snobby. It just seemed like everyone was in their bubble, everyone was hardcore, and from the view of an outsider, I’m just….done.

It took me a while to get into it. It reminded me of every other pops concert I’ve been in and all the details that I had forgotten about — that for most of the concert, you’re sitting, trying to pay attention to the divas, the humble girls, and the first-time performers who choose a song that is safe, but, inevitably, boring. (I know, I know, I have fit into this category nearly every time, even when choosing songs that would seem more entertaining, like Space Oddity, but really weren’t.)

But then you get to the GREAT performances, the ones that are funny, or just great performances, but always genuinely entertaining, and THAT is what makes this concert so great! I was delighted to see Dwight singing this year (he’s in a weird position because he’s technically a Columbia student now in the 3/2 engineering program with Fairfield), and he came out singing “Arabian Nights” from Aladdin!! It was hilarious. He was in a turban and a robe, he got so goofy with the lyrics, and halfway through it, two girls came out as Arabian dancers (and not even in a slutty way!)! He was great, and that definitely made it one of my favorite performances.

And then there was the Men’s Ensemble, who are always great, and they did a great a capella version of Afternoon Delight, dressed up as the Anchorman guys in weird suits, with Colin in the middle in a cowboy hat as Champ. (James, for the record, I think your gray suit looked AWESOME and PERFECT for that!)

I loved Kait Curran and Michael Verrusio’s Can You Feel the Love Tonight, and then the whole glee club surged into the Circle of Life, complete with a guy coming out draped in animal skins, singing, “Haaaaaaaaaaaat swaynaaaaaaaaaaa…..” A bunch of the sophomore girls, including some of my friends from last year, did a great version of the Cell Block Tango from Chicago that you could see they spent a lot of time choreographing. Most performances that girls plan to choreograph end up not working out or being halfhearted, but theirs was fantastic.

If there was any caveat I had in general, it was the same caveat I’ve always had — WAY TOO MUCH BROADWAY. There’s very little Broadway that I can handle, and it seems that at every concert, half of the songs are from Broadway (especially amongst the theatre kids). It somehow fits into every theme. This concert had songs from Chicago, the Lion King, RENT, Footloose, Beauty and the Beast….and The Little Mermaid is an upcoming Broadway musical, I guess that counts.

But we’ve had that every year. The British Invasion concert, the 80s concert, the New York/Broadway concert was ENTIRELY THAT, and even the 40s/50s/60s/70s concert before that — they all had plenty of Broadway offerings, and I’ve always tried to stomach it the best I can.

But there were a bunch more performances that I loved. Joe Duffy did a great version of Kiss the Girl from The Little Mermaid, and his backup singers were great. (He dressed up in red and Jamaican clothes, to evoke Sebastian, and that reminded me that I always thought Sebastian was French when I was little.) Wendy Scola did a great version of Colors of the Wind, and I have never heard her sing on her own before, but she did such a great job! Tim King and his concave stomach (damn!) performed Johnny B. Goode with Tony da Costa, and those guys always do such a great job, as they did this year. And Alex and A.J. did Mrs. Robinson, which is enough of a joke in itself as Luke has always called them Simon and Garfunkel, but their voices sound JUST LIKE THEM, and they sounded great. It also helps that A.J. is the splitting image of Art Garfunkel. Then Erika Ludwig came out and reenacted a little scene from Walk the Line with Alex, and they sang, and again, they sounded really great.

It was great seeing people, but I didn’t see as many fellow alums as I would have liked. But I saw plenty of my friends (Tom, the new pitch-giver, told me I was sorely needed), and got to talk with Galen and Carole Ann, and just see everyone, including a newly engaged Dave and Marcy (and that enormous diamond on her finger!). And afterward, I went out with Amy and Jay and Matt and some more of their crew. It was so good to see Amy! I’ve missed her a lot.

When I came earlier in the day, James made his signature rotini with chicken, tomatoes and fresh basil, and it was delicious. It was great hanging out with my favorite guys as well. As usual, I fell asleep at a ridiculously early hour (I’m on an actual sleep schedule for the first time ever!), and woke up to drive James to his car, which he was too drunk to drive back from the beach the night before and was driven back to the townhouses by someone random and sober. LOL.

All in all, I think that’s the overall experience.

Wait, one more thing!

Galen told me that the glee club is going to Prague, Vienna and Budapest next year. I first chided James for not telling me anything, then just started gushing about how much I love Prague and Budapest. I’ve never been to Vienna. That will be such an awesome trip for them. Galen floated the idea of me joining them again, but I know that would never happen. After the Italy trip, I really wished that I had done it my own (INSANELY CHEAPER) way, staying in hostels that don’t require you to take a cab to get to the city center, and wouldn’t have to go through all those tours.

Even if I did it my own, cheap way, I wouldn’t want to go on this trip, either. I’m done, and it’s fine. It was good while I was in college.

I’m not sure if I’ll be going to any more concerts. I guess there’s a possibility, especially if they do a Boston trip, which they tend to do every other year. But I’ve now been out for a year, and I live in Boston. I don’t want to end up like Stewie (who was at the pops concert, by the way).

So, overall….yeah. This is it.

I’ve got to get going, because this is my one day off, and next week is hell week at work. They’re offering a huge incentive for overtime, so I am working Monday 11-3, Tuesday-Friday 8:30-7, and Saturday 9-5:30. Yikes. Gotta rest up extra hard.

First Gleelumni Concert Wednesday, Dec 6 2006 

I went to Fairfield for the day on Saturday for the Glee Club’s Christmas concert. This was the first time I’d been to a concert since graduating — and surprisingly, it wasn’t weird at all.

The music was great. I particularly loved the Huron Carol — not because of the bells in particular, but I just loved that song so much — beautiful. I was a bit disappointed it wasn’t sung in Algonquin — that would have been a new language for the group, at least since I was a freshman! And I knew that there had to be at least one song that I had sung in the past, and it was there — Caroling, Caroling. I can’t remember what year I sang it — it wasn’t last year, and since I was in Florence during the junior year Christmas concert, it had to be either freshman or sophomore year. Maybe freshman year.

And yes, for the first time, I joined the group on stage with my fellow alumni to sing Night of Silence. Nothing strange, or weird, or unnatural — just standing on stage in my usual spot, remember to enunciate each S in “roses, sleeping” and not breathing between “winter of life” and “on breath you enfold us,” I believe, or whatever the lines are there. I never quite got the hang of the words, but the music is permanently ingrained in my brain.

It was great getting to see a bunch of my friends, and after the concert, I went up to James and Mike’s apartment and hung out with them and their roommates until James got a call from Dee, asking if we were coming to Senior Mug Night.

And I went.

And I had my dollar draft, and a few slices of free pizza, and got to see even MORE of my friends — Julie didn’t even realize I was sitting at her table until a few minutes after she arrived, and she immediately jumped up and gave me a hug!

Man, Senior Mug Night….that was weird. Not as crazy as the first Senior Mug Night of my senior year, with the line at the bar being 10-deep, but I kept feeling this weird feeling in my stomach that I definitely should not have been there, so I didn’t overstay. I left after about an hour and went home.

But it was nice. A very nice day at Fairfield.

And if any FUers want to come to Boston, you know who to call!

Reunions everywhere! Saturday, Oct 7 2006 

Again, it’s been a while. It’s tough to keep up with this when I have a 13-hour day, from when I wake up until I get home. But here goes.

Going back to Fairfield was a really great time. It was awesome seeing my friends, and James and Mike were wonderful hosts. We went to a party at Lauren’s house off-campus, a gathering at Joe Duffy’s townhouse, and ended up at quite the interesting bar in Westport. I drank copious amounts of alcohol, since there was a really hot guy giving out shots at the bar. Might as well go back to college 100%.

In retrospect, it was probably a little too early to go back — but I don’t care. It was just great to see my friends, since so many of them are seniors at FU this year. I’m really hoping to make it to the Philadelphia concert, but when my schedule changes, I’m not sure that that will be possible.

And Kelly came up to Woburn! She’s working for admissions at St. Joe’s in Philadelphia, and this month they’re sending her up to Massachusetts — staying in the next town over! I went over to see her, and we went to Joe’s, MY Joe’s, since it was right down the street. And we had Adriana, who was my favorite coworker — she’s Brazilian and got everyone to start calling me Cleuza, which is the name of a character on a Brazilian soap opera. They all thought I looked just like her — do you agree? And a bunch of my favorite former coworkers were there, so it was great. We definitely got VIP treatment! (I have to say, though, the calamari was disappointing — it was overgrown and enormous, which you think would be better, but I liked it tiny!)

We then went to Venetian Moon, the fabled Martini Bar, so I could show her Reading and bring her to one of my favorite local haunts (being pretty much the only bar in town that isn’t a Chili’s). We had some delicious martinis — key lime pie for me and chocolate for her — and mingled with scary men and some people that I recognized from Reading High as being a year younger than me. THAT was weird.

Kelly’s coming up next week, too, and she’s going to stay over at my house this time.

And tonight Alexa’s coming home for a little bit! I’m loving it. It’s a full-fledged reunion, these past few weeks. Grant is with her, and we’re going out to Fire & Ice with Lisa tonight — they love that place. And then Lisa and I read about a pub crawl that we might check out the scene on or actually take part it….

And Sars is home this weekend, too, but of course, is spending the bulk of it with her friends, who are all home from college for the first time.

I’ve resumed my research for apartments, but I just can’t get over how much money I’m saving by being at home….I think that it might come to me holding off until March or so, when the heating costs are lower. Think of all that money being saved….it’s going in my travel-around-the-world-for-a-year fund.

Time to get ready for the day — keep on tranglin’!

Creepy Alum Brings SexyBack Saturday, Sep 30 2006 

Tomorrow night I’m going to be that creepy alum still partying with the college kids. Yep, I’m going to be bringing sexy back to Fairfield U this weekend.

I really don’t want to be that creepy alum, though. Tomorrow Lauren was going to throw a “The LSATs are over”-themed party. Today she called me, though, and said that it’s going to be more like a small gathering than a big party. I’m still going to Fairfield, though. I can’t wait to see James! I haven’t seem him since Sars and I visited him in Florence!

So we’ll see what’s going on, either at Lauren’s or on campus or both. I know it’s going to be an awesome time, and I’m excited to stay at James and Mike’s apartment. I just don’t want to go to some random party and have people be all like, “You’re back already?!” I mean, it’ll still be September.

And then I realize that whenever I worry about what people think about me, I remind myself that that’s irrelevant.

I don’t care about anything! And besides, I’m not going back to bask in nostalgia of the hedonism being a college student allows. I’m not going to go back and reminisce with tears in my eyes. I got all of my crying done during senior week. (I was a puddle. Senior Farewell, the toast to our college years at Kara’s house, graduation dinner with my parents, and driving home while listening to Glee Club CDs — NOT a smart idea for the emotional, I was crying the whole time.)

I’m going back to see my friends. And James is one of my best friends. And I love Mike and Lauren and I miss the whole group that spent their time with the Trifecta!

It’s going to be fun.

I hope to have pictures.

Work has been going well. Last night was the first company-wide event we had since I’ve been there. Basically, everyone went out to the Blue Wave Lounge, which is just down the street from work. It was a lot of fun (which was great) and I didn’t get too drunk (which was even BETTER!). And everything’s such a web — I found out that one of my coworkers, who trained my class, her best college friend is the sister of my sister’s best friend!

So yeah, that’s the main reason why I’m here writing this on a Friday night. I drank last night and I’m planning for a moderate shitshow tomorrow. I’m too tired to write during the week, and I miss it. This is my luxury, and I love it.

The other day I went shopping at Express, to try on skinny jeans ONE FINAL TIME (with my highest heels) and to see if I could ever, EVER pull them off. Of course, the answer was a resounding no.

But then I discovered the Stylist Pant.


I bought two pairs. I bought them in black and a black-and-silver type of denim. And they are SO flattering. The waist is reasonably low but doesn’t cut across your hips — it’s just below your belly button. They make your butt look AWESOME, and the flare starts just above your knees, which makes your legs look longer. Pair them with 3″ boots and your legs go on for DAYS. I can’t get enough out of them.

(And my mom wants to get a pair, too, but that’s another story.)

It’s weird, but I find myself only buying black clothes lately….and primarily wearing black, too. And I swear it’s not the influence of the divine Angelina. I really, really like wearing all black whenever I can.

And now that I’m off the recapping of my life subject, I make the usual turn into something deeper. It’s about being single. Recently I was feeling that little feeling when I think that it would be really nice to have a boyfriend. So I thought about it….and you know what? I actually don’t want anything right now! I want to stay completely away! I don’t have TIME for a guy! Between work, the 15 hours of commuting a week (seriously) and a project that I’ve taken on with some people, in addition to a social life, I’m more than booked up. It’s crazy.

It feels SO GOOD to just step back and think, with a huge smile, that I’m as happy as I could be — being by myself. And you know, I have the feeling that I’m going to be like that for the bulk of my life. A bit of a Samantha Jones, if you will, but with obvious differences.

But yeah….that’s about it for tonight.

So, who’s totally in love with Joey Lawrence on Dancing With the Stars?

Update Saturday, Sep 16 2006 

Well, I actually talked to the conductor who told me I was pretty the other day. I hadn’t spoken anything to him at all since he told me that, only saying, “Good morning,” or “Good night,” since a few days a week he’s on both the trains I take.

But on the way to the 5:52 train home yesterday, he beckoned me over and introduced himself — his name is Lewis. I told him my name, and he commented that I looked “really mad” the day before, so he didn’t say anything. I told him that I wasn’t mad, I was just upset, since some bad stuff had happened at work that day. He then told me that he’d like to get to know me, since I was very attractive and all. Well.

We chatted a minute more and I got on the train. And after I got off in Wakefield, I was walking to my car and as the train went by, he leaned off the platform with his arm outstretched, waving, like something out of a movie! I giggled, but it was embarrassing.

The conductor really is a nice guy — he’s just absolutely not my type. (You know I’d be all over that if he were. As Erica said, “Tap that! I want you to conquer the entire city!”) I just wish he’d stop saying the stuff about my looks — while getting compliments is nice, it does make me uncomfortable.

I’ve been thinking that it might be time for a visit to Fairfield. I know that school just started, but I’d really like to go and see my friends! If my favorite guys would have me, of course. 😉 I’d make you guys some of that pappa al pomodoro that you ate the whole pot of that night!

I did mention that I had a bad day at work — but it was mostly just because of worrying about something that there’s probably no need to worry about. The job, otherwise, has been really, really awesome. I love it. I’m working hard, speaking French and Italian, getting compliments, and having a good time. It’s a great place to be.

I also got Justin Timberlake’s new CD, FutureSex/LoveSounds. It’s really good. There are a few duds, as there are on every album, but I really like SexyBack, My Love, LoveStoned/I Think She Knows, and Damn Girl. People are saying that this album is pure Prince, but I think LoveStoned is more like “Bad”-era Michael Jackson. Let me tell you, Timbaland has the Midas touch right now. First Nelly Furtado, and now this whole album. Check it out.

Going now — still enjoying life very much. 🙂

JOB! Friday, Jul 21 2006 

I’ve been so unfaithful to my blog! It’s been so busy, especially this week — interviewing like crazy, plus getting in and out of Boston. I can’t wait to move into town — it’ll be so much easier!

So I interviewed for quite a few jobs.

And I got an offer.

And I mulled it over.

And I called them back and asked extensive questions about benefits and bonuses and all that.

And I accepted it!

I am now a research assistant at a loyalty marketing company in Boston. It sounds like a really cool company.

But best of all, from the moment I walked in for my interview, I felt great. I ROCKED that interview better than I’ve ever rocked an interview — and I know I interview well, in general, but this was amazing. I clicked amazingly with the women who interviewed me, and we were laughing as much as we were asking and responding to questions. I walked around, looked around, and I felt, more than anywhere else, that I belonged there. I’d fit in perfectly. This just WORKED.

The complete package is great. And it’s located in a cool area of Boston. My dad says that area is REALLY up-and-coming — that there used to be a lot of dot-coms there, but after the bust, they went out of business and now a lot of new places are starting up. Plus, once Sars starts at Emerson, we’ll probably be meeting up for lunch.

So I start on the 31st. It makes me smile a bit — tons of the business students at Fairfield have had jobs even since last FALL, but they’re all starting them around now — and I just got mine!

Also — I ran into Jess Riu from Fairfield at the bar last night (I went out to Hong Kong (karaoke night!) and Sissy K’s with Lisa, Erica and Faith) — and she says she’s going to be moving to Boston soon! (I also screamed in her ear, since the music was really loud, “I’VE BEEN INTERVIEWING AND THEY ALL MAKE ME TALK ABOUT DOGWOOD AND WE HARDLY DID ANYTHING!” She was bemused.)

I also ran into Stacey Campbell from Fairfield — one of my roommates in Florence! She has a job in Boston — I think it’s at a marketing firm on Atlantic Ave — and right now she’s commuting from DRACUT. That’s a twenty-minute drive to Lowell (and Lowell is not the nicest place), and I think the train takes almost an hour to get from there to Boston. And I thought Reading was far! We ran into each other as we got off the train, actually, since I took it from Woburn that day, because they have a huge parking lot. (It was actually the day of my interview at the cool place.) She said that Lindsay, her best friend and one of our other Florence roommates, has a job in Boston, too. She’s from Wayland, so that should be easier.

Oh, and at karaoke last night, the four of us sang “You Shook Me All Night Long” and dedicated it to the Reading High Class of 2002, since that was our prom song. We also sang it under the pseudonyms “Kristy, Claudia, Dawn and Mallory.” Guess which one was which.

Graduation Day! Monday, May 29 2006 

Here are pictures from graduation!

A nice group shot — Sean, Kara (Alpha Sigma Nu, Phi Beta Kappa, Sigma Tau Delta, Omicron Delta Kappa), Jaime (Phi Beta Kappa, Sigma Tau Delta), Kelly (Alpha Sigma Nu, Omicron Delta Kappa), me (Sigma Tau Delta), and EJ, my roommate from sophomore year who decided to commute! It was great to get all of us together.

*Alpha Sigma Nu — Jesuit Honor Society
*Phi Beta Kappa — Smart People
*Sigma Tau Delta — English Honor Society
*Omicron Delta Kappa — Leadership Honor Society

Me and Amy on why English majors are superior to everyone else — Sigma Tau Delta, y’all!

Everyone in class was really tired or hungover or both. Personally, I slept four hours the night before after spending the last night crying into my drinks at Southport with Kara (Ryan), her sister Katie, and a bunch of guys.

Kelly and me: Just Graduated!

I had to pose with the statue of St. Ignatius.

The procession onto the lawn was very long, and an announcer kept saying details about the school as we filed in. I hate to say it, but I didn’t really listen to the speeches — although I did pay attention when Beth was talking about deciding to go to Florence against her parents’ wishes. (I was actually in Florence the same semester as her.) I was sitting next to Nick McCarthy and we had fun going through the program and pointing out people’s weird middle names. Heh.

Dean Snyder really enunciated my name, as well as all the other Mc’s.

As for Sean, he shook Father von Arx’s hand and said, “Good game,” then gave him a little pat on the butt! LOLOL. He’d been planning that for a long time — and Father von Arx LOVED it.

And we sang in glee club for the final time EVER. I tried not to think about it — at first I was just concentrating on getting up and down at the right times without incident. But then we sang the Prayer of St. Ignatius, and I was near tears, and then we sang the alma mater for the millionth time, but my lip was shaking violently by the end of it from holding back from crying. A few tears got out.

And now I’m a college grad. It’s kind of thrilling. Exciting. And now I’m actually looking forward to getting a job! How about that?

Baccalaureate Mass Monday, May 29 2006 

Every year, the Chamber Singers and the seniors in Glee Club sing at the Baccalaureate Mass. It hasn’t always gone according to plan, as Kara Ryan and I can attest. (It WAS chronicled in my diary-x before it got destroyed.)

Senior Sopranos: Kelly, me, Kara, Kate and Kara.

Fun but blurry group shot: Dwight, Kara, me, Kelly and Sean. I’m so short!

Glee Club, Class of OH SIX! Front row: Kate, Kelly, me, Lauren, Kara, Vanessa, Dana, Dwight. Back row: Kara, Deena, Chris, Sean, ?? (John?) and Brian.

Senior Semi Monday, May 29 2006 

FINALLY, my computer is set up and I can blog the rest of my Senior Week pictures!

First, the Semi at Foxwoods.

I absolutely love this picture. I can’t put my finger on exactly what it is (especially since I have about 300 pictures of me with Dominello and Erin from that night), but I really, really love this. And I like how well we all coordinate with the black and silver.

Kara and me, looking glamorous as we went all out in our ball gowns.

Cotton-eye Joe!

Our table — me, Shannon, Sean, Jim, Victoria, Kelly and Amy (Jay was taking the picture). Really great people.

Meet me at FOXWOODS, the “surprise location” for the event!

Amy and Jay, new Connecticutians. Her dress was GORGEOUS.

Kelly enjoys her delectable chocolate cake.

I try to talk Erin into eating some babies.

Afterward, we headed back to 124.

Overall, it was a really fun night. There were aspects of it that needed to be planned better (who in their right mind thought that we’d be able to get to Foxwoods in only an hour on a Friday afternoon?!), but it was nice that they extended it to make up for lost time. Food was good, music was good, good dancing, etc. It was pretty expensive, but it’s SENIOR WEEK! Bar lines were ridiculously long. To be honest, the dance was probably the most underwhelming event of the week. But that’s when you’re comparing it to the picnic.

And Also…. Friday, May 26 2006 

And I miss Fairfield SO much. I keep feeling in the back of my mind that I’m going to return in a few months, that I’m going to keep living there — but it’s over.

I haven’t cried for a while, though. Not since I left. Kelly and I quickly hugged, saying that we were done with crying, but as soon as I got to my car, I started sobbing into my hands. I can’t believe it’s done.

I love my Fairfielders so much. You all mean SO much to me, and you always will. Please know that. Sopranos ’06 — WE ARE PLANNING THAT GIRLY SUPERBOWL WEEKEND!!

One last thing:

One of our movers is a trained opera singer (HE SANG VERDI!!!), and he gave me the best quote: “The best tenors have no brains, because we need the extra space to hit those high notes!” 🙂

I’m not dead Friday, May 26 2006 

Hehehe. It’s been crazy.

My mom is moving to her new house now, and I’m taking a break. It’s a HUGE house. I even have a room, and she’s giving me her old queen-sized bed, which is AWESOME, but is kind of pointless because I don’t really plan on living there….I’m a college grad, after all….

Sars’ prom was last night. I’ve got pics from that, too. She’s at Hampton Beach with her friends today.

Not much to say, only I absolutely LOVE TiVo! We recently got it for the computer at my dad’s, and I’m taping a bunch of Food Network shows on it. It’s quite amazing.

And HOW AWESOME was House this week? Sars and I went over to the Golinis to watch with Beth and Amelia, and we could barely watch it at times, but it was SO GRUESOME. When that guy’s balls exploded….wow. That’s great TV.

Sars and I are having a DOUBLE PIRATE GRADUATION PARTY. It’s on Sunday, June 4, at 3:30 at my dad’s house. Barbecue, beer and pool. Call me for the details.

Now, over to my mom’s new house to unpack….I will be very glad when all this packing, unpacking and moving will be OVER!!

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