Get happy. Monday, Nov 17 2008 

I had a great day today.  Following my terrible Saturday and an all-around tough week, I needed a good day.

It was simple, but fun: Sars and I took a long walk (to her chagrin, in the cold weather) through Symphony and Northeastern before arriving at Tremont 647 for brunch.  (Very good brunch — I had gingerbread pancakes with lemon coulis and walnuts, while she had biscuits and gravy.)

We then walked through the South End and up to Marshall’s with the goal of buying home stuff.  I bought her a bust of Beethoven that she really liked.  We made a few stops down Newbury — H&M, American Apparel, CVS, the hardware store, Urban Outfitters.

We then got home and started CLEANING like CRAZY.  God, we needed it.  We’ve neglected cleaning our place, but now it’s sparkling.  For the most part.

And I did cut my finger pretty badly — I sliced it open on a piece of jagged tile — but hopefully it will be better within a few days.

I also sent out several couchsurfing requests to people living in Buenos Aires, and I’ve got a bunch of people to hang out with when I go!  I’d love to have a packed social schedule when I arrive.

It’s all about keeping a packed schedule.  I feel myself getting depressed again when I’m sitting on the couch or surfing the web, especially when it comes to politics, because there is NO NEWS anymore!!  I am going to have something planned for every night this week.  That will hopefully help.

We caught our first mouse. Monday, Oct 13 2008 

I was sitting on my new couch in my room tonight when I heard Sars let out a little yelp from the kitchen.

“The mouse?” I asked.

“Yeah.  It climbed out of the bag on the floor.”

I hadn’t seen the mouse since the day of the first presidential debate, a few weeks ago.  I was starting to think that the little furry bastard was gone…not so much.

“Wait — Katelyn, I think we got a mouse.”

“How do you know?” I asked.

“There’s a tail sticking out of the trap.”

“Is it moving?”


“Did you see that earlier?”


“Did you see it run into it?”


“Did you see the direction it ran in when it jumped out of the bag?”

“No.”  She started laughing.  “I wasn’t paying attention.”

We stood in the doorway and looked at the tail sticking out of the trap.  God, was that a long tail!  I really hoped it wasn’t a rat.

I eventually tiptoed up to it, saw that the mouse had a puce interior, and concluded that yes, it was, in fact, dead.  Beyond that, neither of us wanted to touch it.

“Let’s leave it for an hour,” Sars suggested.

“Let’s get the boys next door to take care of it,” I countered.

“No way.”

“I’ll do it.”

“Okay.”  She went into her room and closed the door.

I left the apartment and knocked on the door next door.  A young guy, probably about 20, answered the door.

“Hi,” I said brightly.  “I live next door, and I was wondering if I could ask a favor of you.”

“Sure,” he readily replied.

“Well, it’s just that my sister and I caught a mouse, and it’s tough because we really love animals” (!) “and I was wondering if you could just throw it in the trash bag for us.”

“Oh, yeah.  Sure.”

The guy was nice.  He’s a Berklee student (aren’t they all?) and he told me that he loved our apartment.  He took the mouse and initially just took the mouse out, before I told him that he could throw the whole thing in the trash, trap and all.  I kept my eyes covered and hid in the other room.

I then took the trash bag outside and swung it into the dumpster.

Let’s hope that that was our one and only mouse.

But you never know.

I’m just glad that we FINALLY got one!!

Apartment Update: Colleeeeeeeeege Monday, Sep 22 2008 

I almost referred to my apartment building as “my dorm” today.  That’s what it feels like sometimes.

First of all, I saw the mouse again early on Saturday morning.


It ran under my bed and I yelped in horror.  All this time, we hadn’t seen the mouse in either of our bedrooms.  I just need to have faith that I’ll never wake up with a mouse in my hair, like Carrie Bradshaw.

Secondly, the guys right upstairs blast music and play their own instruments a LOT.  Given that this building is practically all Berklee students, that’s not a surprise.  But I WAS surprised when I woke up to them blasting music at 1:30 AM.

“Sars!” I yelled from my bed.  She had just come home.  “Saaaaaaaaaaars!”


“Go upstairs.”



“No. And clean up your pizza while you’re at it.”

Grumbling, I got out of bed, in my Camp Anawanna shirt and pajama pants, barefoot and with wet hair, and climbed upstairs.


I got out of the stairwell and was hit with a wave of marijuana.  Seriously, whoever was smoking wasn’t even trying to hide it.  You could practically get high from sitting in the hallway!  It was a cloud.

I knocked on their door loudly.  Two voices were behind the door.  “Who’s that?”  “She probably lives downstairs.”  “Oh, shit…”

They opened the door and even more marijuana clouds came out.  Both long-haired.  Both with big beards.  Both a bit heavy.  One blonde guy, one dark-haired guy.  Something for everyone!

“Hi,” I said.  “I live downstairs, and you guys really need to turn it down.”

“Oh,” the dark-haired guy said.  “I didn’t realize it was this late.  I’ll turn it off.”


“Whoa,” exclaimed the other guy.  “Where did you get your shirt?”

“The internet.  Have a good night, whatever you’re doing,” I said, making the hand motion I imagine one would make to signify smoking a joint.  Though I imagine that guys like these would be more into bongs.

The music didn’t stop.  They turned it down significantly, but they didn’t turn it off.

Well, at least I’ve got one very big leg up on them.  I don’t do drugs.  They do.  And if the noise situation here worsens, I have no qualms about using that fact to my advantage.

City Life with Sars Thursday, Sep 4 2008 

Another mouse.  My third sighting in three days.

This one leapt out of one of my Whole Foods bags, eating through the ramen noodles that I bought before going vegetarian.

I threw out every open item I could find, plus a few others, for good measure.

Now I have to buy a ton of Tupperware.  You don’t think about these kinds of things before you live in an infested apartment.  You have to buy a separate Tupperware container for each kind of cereal, for regular pasta, for tortellini, for instant oatmeal, and for so many other things.

Now — awesome Boston.

I am SO glad to finally be living downtown.  It’s time.

In a way, it’s like coming full circle.  When I was in middle school and high school, I went to The Boston Conservatory for piano (I was pretty much groomed to be a professional musician from an early age — not getting into it now), and I would look forward to it every week.  I loved taking the T, getting off at Hynes, walking past the many music stores on Boylston St. and walking into the Conservatory, surrounded by music on all sides.

Now, I live in that exact neighborhood.  I’ve said I live in the Back Bay, and I do, but it’s kind of a weird area.  It’s kind of Back Bay, kind of Fenway and kind of Symphony.  Different guides say different things.  The zip code doesn’t match up with the trash code.  I don’t even know what to say when people ask where I live.

This small area is FANTASTIC.  I have yet to see anyone living in the neighborhood who is older than me — my building is a GIANT DORM!!  I LOVE IT!!!!!

I walked home from work along Comm. Ave. and it was so peaceful and gorgeous in the hot afternoon sun.  I can get home in 20 minutes flat, but this was nice.

I loved Davis Square when I lived there — for a while.  It’s a great place to live for some people.  It’s very liberal, very family-oriented and filled with intelligent students from nearby Tufts University.

But lately I’ve been feeling like there’s an air of pretentiousness.  To be more accurate, I feel like everyone’s trying really hard to be indie.  No offense to Davis residents, but I find that air to be widespread.  If you date someone in Davis, you run into him ALL THE TIME.  And the neighborhood is very, very white.

Here’s it’s more genuine, everyone’s so young, there’s so much individuality, so much diversity, and with so many music schools within a five-minute walk, there’s creativity as well.  There’s a much higher chance of getting jumped on a corner.  More homeless people.  MANY more creepy men.

And you know what?  I like it that way.

Best of all, I have Sars.  Lubly Sars, my lil big sis and now-roommate.

We’ve become an old married couple.  We watch the Daily Show, Colbert and Conan every day in my room, on my bed, since she has no TV and we have no couch yet.  We walk to work together.  We call each other throughout the day.  We eat a lot of pizza.

And yes, there were setbacks when we moved in.  A dirty kitchen and bathroom.  Only one set of keys for the two of us.  A front door key that didn’t work.  MICE MICE MICE MICE MICE.

But we’re solving those problems, little by little.  It’s going well.

And we’re in the nascent stages of decoration.

Our kitchen decorations so far?

A “Kucinich for President” sign, a Zac Efron poster, and two pink glasses that read “Ho” on them in gothic script.

That’s us.  And I love living with her.  We know each other so well, we communicate in grunts (which we often do, actually).

Despite the mice, I’m loving it here.

There’s a MOUSE in my HOUSE! Wednesday, Sep 3 2008 

I wish that my first post about my new apartment in downtown Boston weren’t about something negative, but I MUST write about this: I had an encounter with a rodent this morning.

Welcome to the city.

I woke up at 5:30 AM to go to the bathroom.  As I was washing my hands, I saw a little furry figure scurrying (the word “scurrying” was made for situations like these!) across the floor.

At that point, I became a 1940s cartoon.  I started screaming and I jumped onto the sink.

My language, however, was pure 21st century: “Oh my God — oh my God — FUCK!”

I couldn’t see a mouse after that, and I didn’t see any holes in the bathroom.  Who knows where the little thing scampered off to.

I tried going back to bed, but I couldn’t sleep — I just kept playing that episode of Sex and the City in my head when Carrie has the mouse infestation and a mouse CRAWLS INTO HER HAIR in the middle of the night!!!

Again, welcome to the city.

I was finally able to doze off at around 7:00 AM.  I then kept having nightmares about cats in my apartment — cats that dug their claws into my arm and wouldn’t let go, even after I tried to shake them off.  Cats that were about to sink their teeth into my hand, and then I’d wake up.  Cats that rolled onto me and smothered me.  And a flying cockroach the size of a loaf of bread.

This evening, I bought four traps — one for my room, one for Sarah’s, one for the kitchen and one for the scene of the crime, the bathroom.  I baited them with Nutella, since we didn’t have any peanut butter and the hardware store guy said mice like chocolate, too.

It comes with the territory.  I live downtown now.  Mice are commonplace.  And besides the mice and a few other setbacks from the move (a dirty kitchen and bathroom; only one set of keys for the two of us; a door key that took 10 minutes of solid jiggling to work), it has been FANTASTIC.  The aforementioned problems have been solved.  The apartment feels so much bigger than I thought it would.  And I LOVE LOVE LOVE living with my little sister Sars again!

This neighborhood is much more my speed than Davis Square — fewer families, nearly all young people, much more diverse.  And although it’s technically the Back Bay, it’s kind of a hybrid between Back Bay, Fenway and Symphony.  It’s gritty, and I like that a lot.  As Josh said last night, “It looks like everyone in your neighborhood smokes a LOT of pot.”

And I’ve been hit on more or less constantly — like when a group of guys actually yelled “Sexual erotica!” at me the other night!  Seriously!  It took all I had to keep from cracking up!

Well, it’s been a crazy ride so far — and I’m enjoying it immensely.

Let’s just hope that I wake up tomorrow to at least one trap filled with a furry carcass.

Finding and Fitting the Perfect Couch Sunday, Aug 17 2008 

I just got back from seeing Pineapple Express with my sister after an eventful day of couch searching.

We went to a few different places on Route 1 but found only one that we liked — and when I say liked, I mean ADORED!

Here it is:

It’s called the Amore II.  It comes with a queen sleeper and the chaise part is MOVABLE!  The long cushion hooks onto an ottoman, so you can put it anywhere you want.  Just think of the possibilities….

But it’s more expensive than others — $849, including shipping but not including tax, which would be $891.45 with tax if we don’t buy it today.  (It’s tax-free weekend in Massachusetts, which I consider to be largely a gimmick unless you’re buying a large item like furniture.)

The money for the couch is coming out of our inheritance from our grandmother, who passed away 15 years ago this summer.  (And honestly, Noni would LOVE this couch!  Even more if it came in purple.)  Because of that, money isn’t as much of an object as it would be ordinarily.

The only problem is its size.  My bedroom is about 10′ by 15″, and my existing bed is about 89″ by 62″.  The couch is 91″ long, or just over 7.5′ long.

But I played around with a lot of layouts and found one that I think works well.

Check it out:

Each box represents six inches.  There are two windows on the side with the desk.

Now, it’s time to make some calls.  If we’re actually going to buy this, we have to do it today.  No pressure or anything…

Searching for a Sleeper Sofa Monday, Aug 11 2008 

It’s getting so close to move-in day for my sister and me!  We move to our new Back Bay apartment on September 1 — Labor Day.  And I haven’t even begun to pack…

We’ve been searching for a sleeper sofa for our place.  However, it’s difficult because we’re living in a two-bed split.  There’s a small foyer (we’re putting our dining table and chairs in it), a small (not eat-in) kitchen, a decent-sized bathroom and two bedrooms.  Hers is about 10′ by 10′ with a bay window; mine is about 10 ‘ by 15’.

Because of this, we need to put the sofa in my bedroom, along with my queen-sized bed, TV and other furniture.  It’s going to be quite a challenge!

We have no furniture other than beds, desks and dressers, so we went with our mom to Jordan’s Furniture in Reading tonight to check out sleeper sofas.  We tried out several of them.

And, fittingly, we began to pose amusingly with them.

Here are the best pics:


Be an animal!

Yeah, I don’t know.

The Timeless Art of Seduction (George Costanza): the Sars edition

The Timeless Art of Seduction (George Costanza): the Kails edition

We’re probably going to be spending a LOT of time in this position.

My mom had Sars lie down — she’s 5’9″ — so that she could use her as a unit of measurement.  Of course, right after, she checked the dimensions that were printed on the label.

This is how this sexy sofa makes me feel.

Sars: “I wonder if this one comes with the roofies or if you have to buy them separately.”

Here are three that we liked:

Well, at least I liked this modern one.  It’s crazy expensive, and Sars would kill me if I got it for our place!

We loved this little pumpkin one, and it was so comfortable, but it wasn’t made very well and the material looked like it wouldn’t hold up for the long term.

This is the one that we liked the most so far.  The only thing is that I don’t think it will work with my color pallette.  I have a big brass bed and I was planning on decorating my room in cream and gold with lilac and black accents.  A red couch really doesn’t fit into that.

Of course, all of these can come upholstered in a different fabric, but that will take a long time and be more expensive.

Well, we’ve got time to look.  Any thoughts?

I’m moving to the Back Bay! Saturday, Apr 26 2008 

In Paris, it’s the 8ème arrondissement.  In New York, it’s the Upper East Side.  In London, it’s Knightsbridge; in Miami, it’s South Beach; in Washington, D.C., it’s Georgetown.

In Boston, it’s the Back Bay — the most upscale and luxurious neighborhood in the city.

And I am moving there on September 1!

My sister and I have planned to live together for the ’08/’09 school year.  This is for two main reasons: first of all, we miss each other so much, even as often as we see each other!  Secondly, this is Sarah’s last year in Boston before moving to Los Angeles.  This is our last chance.

Also, as much as I LOVE my apartment and living in Davis Square, it’s time for me to live downtown.  It takes me about 15 minutes to get to Park Street from Davis, plus a 10-minute walk to the T in the first place, and while that isn’t very long in retrospect, it’s starting to bother me.  I want to be closer.

Sars is a film student at Emerson College, which is in the Theatre District.  Because of this, and because of all of her late nights working on films and projects, she needs to be downtown.  She is currently moving out of her Chinatown apartment just a few blocks away from school.

We were open to living in several different places.  Although the South End was my first choice (I will live there someday!), we were open to living in Beacon Hill, Bay Village, the North End, Fenway, the Longwood Medical Area and even as far as Central Square in Cambridge and Coolidge Corner in Brookline.  (ANYWHERE but Allston/Brighton.)

This place popped up on our radar.  We saw it the first day it went on the market, and when we saw what an amazing deal it was, we immediately pounced on it.

That being said, it’s small.

It’s a two-bed split: that means that there are two bedrooms and no living room.  When you walk in, there’s a hallway running from left to right.  There is a bedroom on the left side (with a bay window!) and a bedroom on the right side.  In the middle are a kitchen (tiny!  Not eat-in!) and a bathroom.

The apartment is in a brownstone near Berklee College of Music, technically in the Back Bay but right by Symphony and Fenway.  When you walk into the building, ours is the apartment immediately on the left, right next to the mailboxes!

And there are TONS of Berklee students there.  The guy living above us plays the drums.  Yikes.  He says he mainly plays at school, though.  It’s almost like dorm life.  Hopefully we’ll have some of the benefits of dorm life, like getting to meet new people all the time.

Yes, living in a place this small will be a challenge, but at least the bedrooms are large.  Besides, since we’re so close, we don’t mind hanging out in each other’s bedrooms, and we aren’t shy to having friends hang out there, either, like some people are.

Also, I will be getting rid of my car.  I’m very nervous about this, but I know it’s ultimately the right decision, considering gas prices, the environment and the deteriorating state of my car.  I won’t visit my parents and friends in Reading and Wakefield as often, but I can always take the orange line to Oak Grove, a 15-minute drive from my mom, or even take the commuter rail.

Plus, my dad loves coming into town whenever he can and has been doing it a LOT since Sarah and I moved here.  (I kind of have the feeling that he might relocate to a condo in Charlestown or Cambridge five years from now.)

And Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s are right in the neighborhood, along with a Shaw’s!  We’ll need to get one of those old lady carts.

I have to say that I have had a FANTASTIC living situation for the past 16 months.  My apartment is terrific, and I have wonderful roommates and landlords.  My roommates have become three of my closest friends, and considering some of the roommate experiences I’ve had in the past, that’s an incredible gift!  I will miss them dearly.

So…if you’re looking for a place to live, I have a great Davis Square apartment that I can offer you, starting September 1 (which is Labor Day).

Making Music with Sars Wednesday, Apr 16 2008 

My sister, Sars, is a sophomore film major at Emerson College.  She is hilarious and deep, and her films are great — but whenever she needs music in a pinch, she gives me a call to play piano for her.

I write scores for her the way Clint Eastwood does for films like Million Dollar Baby — I just sit at the piano and play whatever comes to mind.  At least I did that in high school.

We just ended up playing whatever pop songs immediately came to mind and recorded them.  Here is the very odd playlist:

  • The Beatles, “Something”
  • Damien Rice, “The Blower’s Daughter”
  • Marvin Gaye (and MANY others), “If This World Were Mine”
  • Britney Spears, “Gimme More”
  • Smashing Pumpkins, “For Martha”
  • The Beatles, “Across the Universe”
  • Ray J, “Sexy Can I”
  • Jon Brion, “Row” and “Peer Pressure” (from Eternal Sunshine)
  • Ryuchi Sakamoto, “Bibo No Aozora / 04” (from Babel)
  • “What Sweeter Music” (FU Glee Club!)
  • David Bowie, “Life on Mars?”
  • David Bowie, “Space Oddity”
  • Ferras, “Hollywood’s Not America”

It will make an interesting soundtrack, indeed.

Quote of the Day Thursday, Jan 31 2008 

“You’re a good-lookin’ girl, but you’re a cunt!”
–Random hobo to my sister, after she refused his request for cash

Ugly Christmas Sweater Party Monday, Dec 24 2007 

When did Ugly Christmas Sweater Parties become so popular? I’ve heard of so many in the Boston area, especially this weekend. My friend Lisa ended up thowing one of her own. Here are some of the pictures:

Survivors of Reading High — most of the group

The Brood — me, Beth, Alexa and Lisa. Still the hottest hos in any room.

Beth receives her Yankee Swap (a.k.a. Evil Christmas) gift from me — Chia Shrek! I couldn’t resist. She didn’t trade it.

Lisa opened the onion dip and it splattered all over my eyelashes.

Hott Girlz. My sister Sars (second from left) actually wore a Christmas sweater that belonged to my grandfather — and it’s at least 50 years old. 50!!

I also loved Beth’s combination of her mom’s Christmas vest, her dad’s Christmas tie and a cheesy Christmas t-shirt. I wore a sweater that my mom has worn since the 80s.

Overall, it was a great time — and it makes a great holiday party theme!

Time of My Life Monday, Sep 10 2007 

A few weeks ago, when Perez Hilton was reporting that Castro died, my sister Sarah immediately told her friend Rob, who randomly blurted out, “NOW who will go to the prom with me?”

Sars laughed so hard, she decided to create a picture of the prom that would have been.

Rob and Fidel’s romantic evening.

The cigar is the perfect touch.

A Weekend of BOB SAGET and Fun! Saturday, Apr 28 2007 

Finally, some free time!! Now I can write about last weekend. It started out Saturday night. I got out of work, met up with Lisa, and we went to Pizzeria Regina for dinner (love it!). It was then that Lisa gave me my gift.

A shirt with a hand-drawn cartoon image of Bob Saget, emblazoned with the words DANNY TANNER WAS NOT GAY…..(like Dave Coulier).

Saget was in town, and we were going to see him! We had been planning this for a while and were excited. Lisa is one of those people who watched Full House every day when she was little (I was more of an America’s Funniest Home Videos girl and got into Full House later in life), so she had idolized Danny Tanner from a very early age.

Walking through the streets with those shirts was a bit weird, since we really didn’t want to give off a homophobic vibe, but we got the stares and the occasional dagger eyes (yep, I’m talking to you, Indian girl on Cross Street). Times were good — we walked past a bachelor party, the groom in a plaid suit with one leg missing! But the best moment was when we began running across the street, trying to get across before the number got to 1. We were crossing Congress Street and a girl in front of us paused on the island between the lanes. There was approximately one second left, so Lisa BODY-SLAMMED THIS GIRL and threw her out of the way so she could run across the street in time!!!

We met up with my friend Curran at the Beantown Pub, along with his girlfriend, her roommate and the roommate’s boyfriend. After a quick drink, we went in — and that’s when Lisa and I started getting the genuine admiration for our shirts.

Bob was fantastic. Here are my favorite quotes:

Guy in Audience: “WHERE’S UNCLE JESSE?”
Warm-Up Guy: “Uncle Jesse’s in the back getting high with the Wu-Tang Clan.”

Bob: “Now, do any women here enjoy poop jokes?”
Bob: “You are HOT.”
Lisa: “Bob Saget said you were hot.”

Bob: “I would always say, ‘Motherfucker,’ in front of my dad, and he would go, ‘That’s right, I fucked your mom!'”

Bob (describing how he and John Stamos witnessed a car accident): “So he calls 911, and he’s all like, ‘This is Uncle Jesse from Full House! I need an ambulance! I have great hair, I’m Greek!”

Bob: “Dave Coulier shaves his balls, you know that? Inevitably, there’s always someone who’s seen me who goes to see his comedy act, and someone yells out, ‘You shave your balls!’ and he goes, ‘I’m gonna kill Bob.'”

Bob: “Tell me why — they lived in San Francisco
Tell me why — they went through lots of….Crisco
Tell me why — I never slept with Dave Coulier
But Kimmie Gibbler got it THIS way!”

Bob also LOVES South Park, and told the story about when he and his daughter saw an episode that HE was featured in:

Announcer: “Welcome back to America’s Funniest Home Videos.”
Bob: “FUCK.”
Bob’s daughter: “SHIT.”
Bob: “Watch your mouth!”
South Park Bob: “Uh, knock knock….uh, who’s there….uh, Bob….uh, Bob who?….uh, Bob Saget….”
**Crickets chirping**
Cartman: “This guy sucks as bad as the guy from Full House.”

For most of it, though, you really had to be there….but I loved his act. Yeah, he was dirty, but he wasn’t as dirty as I expected him to be. He honestly used about the same level of profanity that I do with my friends. You could tell that he really appreciated all of us being there to see him. It wasn’t fake, the way it is with so many people — he really appreciated us.

I loved that the audience was primarily people our age. We truly are the Full House/America’s Funniest Home Videos generation! And once we left, people LOVED our shirts and kept coming up to talk to us.

Lisa and I hung out for a while, trying to meet Bob in person, but the Orpheum people (a random assortment of old people and little kids) kicked us out, and we missed him. Lisa and I got a couple drinks at a nearby bar, and we left for the night.

The next morning, I ran into my roommate Christie outside the Davis station, and she told me that at the Guster concert at the Opera House where she was last night, Bob made a quick appearance!

That morning, I met up with Sars and we walked to the South End to have brunch at Masa. You can see much more about brunch in the entry below, when I thought we were sitting next to Tom Brady and Gisele.

After brunch, we strolled down Tremont Street and later Columbus Ave, just checking everything out and enjoying the GORGEOUS weather. Having brunch outdoors was just fantastic! We hung out in a park for a while (and watched an otherwise sleepy bassett hound go ballistic on an ordinary-looking guy, convincing us that he was some kind of sex offender or other evil kind of person). I would love to live in the South End — it would be my first choice, if I could live anywhere in Boston. Ideally, in a brownstone off Dartmouth (so it would be close to the T) between Tremont and Columbus. Perfection. And I never noted it, but I decided that I really do not want to live in Beacon Hill. Too similar to Fairfield.

(Also, speaking of Fairfield, I’m going to the Pops concert this Wednesday!!!! Very exciting.)

We walked down Newbury Street, did some browsing at the stores, hung out in the Public Garden and later went shoe shopping at DSW, where I ran into one of my former coworkers. Overall, it was just a really, really nice day, with incredible weather, and a perfect opportunity to spend time with my lil big sis. She’s so busy that we don’t have a lot of time to spend together, but when we do, we always have the best time. We can just walk together and not say anything, and it won’t be uncomfortable or weird.

On Monday, my day off and an even better, hotter day (in the eighties! In April!), my friend Andy started IMing me and asking me to do this iPod audio tour of Boston with him. Now, anyone who knows me knows that my absolute biggest pet peeve is LOOKING LIKE A TOURIST, especially in my own hometown or one of my adopted towns (Paris and Florence). So I kept refusing and refusing and refusing, and he kept getting on my case. I eventually agreed.

And you know what? Parts of it weren’t that bad.

I really did hate standing in front of a monument in front of a busy street, just listening, but the more secluded areas were nice. And there were a lot of interesting facts to learn — for example, who knew that HO CHI MINH was a PASTRY CHEF at the OMNI PARKER HOUSE?!?!?! I had no idea.

So we spent some time walking around the waterfront afterward, and it was just a PERFECT day in terms of weather. With all that heat, humidity and sunshine, I’m as happy as a clam. It puts an extra bounce in my step and makes me feeling like dancing, I’m so happy!

Which makes yet another argument for moving to a warmer climate….

Not yet, though. I think I’m going to be in Boston for some time.

Next is the Glee Club Pops concert on Wednesday, and I’m so excited for that. I switched shifts with a few of my coworkers so I’ll have Wednesday off and I won’t come in on Thursday until 2:00 PM, which will give me enough time to come home. I’m staying with James and Mike, as usual! It should be a really exciting and fun time.

Sars’ Favorite Funny Pictures Saturday, Apr 28 2007 

I know that I have so much to write about (and so much to DO, period), but I am so busy and have NO time….anyways, I want to blog something entertaining, so here are a bunch of random, hilarious pictures that my lil big sis Sars (aka Sarah) sent over to me. If you know her sense of humor, you’ll find it even funnier!

Clay with a beard.



Skeletor assaults J. Lo.

Nels Nelson.

The Passion of the Wurst.


Trump and some dude.


Okay. I swear I’ll get to writing about Bob Saget soon. But first:

My sister and I decided to get brunch in the South End this past Sunday, since that’s just about the only way we can afford to eat there. The menu at Masa looked awesome and awesomely cheap (everything under $10.00!), so we made that our destination.

We had a lovely meal (I had the Santa Fe Eggs Benedict, on a biscuit with avocado and salsa, and Sars had the “holy diabetes” fried Texas Toast stuffed with bananas, then we shared a cherry creme brulee), which was outside on a gorgeous day, and I kept looking at the couple sitting next to us. What struck me was that the guy looked just like Tom Brady, only skinnier, and he was sitting with a girl who was definitely skinny enough to be Gisele, but her hair looked darker and was pulled up in a knot. They were both wearing sunglasses.

“We’re sitting next to Tom Brady and Gisele,” I whispered to Sars. She looked, then laughed. I mean, it looked like them, but would they REALLY be here, in Boston (weren’t they just in Europe?), having brunch al fresco where anyone could see them?

Near the end of our meal, they got up to leave. I then saw that the girl was MUCH shorter than the guy. She was wearing flats, yeah. I thought that Gisele and Tom Brady were pretty close in height. And they weren’t wearing THAT nice clothes. She had nice sunglasses, but those were the only parts of their outfits that looked designer. And Tom was REALLY skinny — too skinny. Couldn’t possibly be him.

Sarah and I enjoyed the rest of our day, walking around in the South End, hanging out in a park, doing some Newbury Street shopping, watching the ducks in the Public Garden and shopping at DSW. I nearly forgot about the Tom and Gisele lookalike couple.


I dropped by my dad’s tonight to pick up some of my summer clothes and have some dinner. I was chattering away, filling him in on everything that had happened in the last few days. “And we probably sat next to Tom Brady in Gisele when we had brunch in the South End,” I said dismissively.

“They were in the South End last week,” my dad replied equally as dismissively.

“WHAT?!” I gasped. “How do you know that?! I KNOW EVERYTHING ABOUT CELEBRITIES!!”

“He’s always in the South End. He has an apartment in the Back Bay.”

“He lives in BOSTON?!?!”

“Yeah….” My dad gave me a look as if to say, “I thought you knew about this,” with a bit of “I can’t believe neither of my kids turned out to be a sports fan.”

“I don’t think it was him,” I said. “He was really skinny.”

“He IS pretty skinny,” my dad said.

I had always thought that he, being a football player, would be decently big.

“She was short, though,” I added. “Much shorter than him.”

“Yeah, she is,” he replied. “She’s what, 5’11”? He’s 6’6″ or so.”

OH. MY. GOD. (How does he know this stuff?)

“I can’t believe I was sitting RIGHT NEXT TO THEM and I didn’t take a picture!” I shrieked. “This is exactly why I always carry my camera around with me!!”

“Come on. Let them live!” he chided me.

Well, there you go.

What do you think? Was it them? Has Gisele’s hair been darker lately? And have we found the REAL source of my love of celebrity gossip?

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