Graduation Day! Monday, May 29 2006 

Here are pictures from graduation!

A nice group shot — Sean, Kara (Alpha Sigma Nu, Phi Beta Kappa, Sigma Tau Delta, Omicron Delta Kappa), Jaime (Phi Beta Kappa, Sigma Tau Delta), Kelly (Alpha Sigma Nu, Omicron Delta Kappa), me (Sigma Tau Delta), and EJ, my roommate from sophomore year who decided to commute! It was great to get all of us together.

*Alpha Sigma Nu — Jesuit Honor Society
*Phi Beta Kappa — Smart People
*Sigma Tau Delta — English Honor Society
*Omicron Delta Kappa — Leadership Honor Society

Me and Amy on why English majors are superior to everyone else — Sigma Tau Delta, y’all!

Everyone in class was really tired or hungover or both. Personally, I slept four hours the night before after spending the last night crying into my drinks at Southport with Kara (Ryan), her sister Katie, and a bunch of guys.

Kelly and me: Just Graduated!

I had to pose with the statue of St. Ignatius.

The procession onto the lawn was very long, and an announcer kept saying details about the school as we filed in. I hate to say it, but I didn’t really listen to the speeches — although I did pay attention when Beth was talking about deciding to go to Florence against her parents’ wishes. (I was actually in Florence the same semester as her.) I was sitting next to Nick McCarthy and we had fun going through the program and pointing out people’s weird middle names. Heh.

Dean Snyder really enunciated my name, as well as all the other Mc’s.

As for Sean, he shook Father von Arx’s hand and said, “Good game,” then gave him a little pat on the butt! LOLOL. He’d been planning that for a long time — and Father von Arx LOVED it.

And we sang in glee club for the final time EVER. I tried not to think about it — at first I was just concentrating on getting up and down at the right times without incident. But then we sang the Prayer of St. Ignatius, and I was near tears, and then we sang the alma mater for the millionth time, but my lip was shaking violently by the end of it from holding back from crying. A few tears got out.

And now I’m a college grad. It’s kind of thrilling. Exciting. And now I’m actually looking forward to getting a job! How about that?


Baccalaureate Mass Monday, May 29 2006 

Every year, the Chamber Singers and the seniors in Glee Club sing at the Baccalaureate Mass. It hasn’t always gone according to plan, as Kara Ryan and I can attest. (It WAS chronicled in my diary-x before it got destroyed.)

Senior Sopranos: Kelly, me, Kara, Kate and Kara.

Fun but blurry group shot: Dwight, Kara, me, Kelly and Sean. I’m so short!

Glee Club, Class of OH SIX! Front row: Kate, Kelly, me, Lauren, Kara, Vanessa, Dana, Dwight. Back row: Kara, Deena, Chris, Sean, ?? (John?) and Brian.

Senior Semi Monday, May 29 2006 

FINALLY, my computer is set up and I can blog the rest of my Senior Week pictures!

First, the Semi at Foxwoods.

I absolutely love this picture. I can’t put my finger on exactly what it is (especially since I have about 300 pictures of me with Dominello and Erin from that night), but I really, really love this. And I like how well we all coordinate with the black and silver.

Kara and me, looking glamorous as we went all out in our ball gowns.

Cotton-eye Joe!

Our table — me, Shannon, Sean, Jim, Victoria, Kelly and Amy (Jay was taking the picture). Really great people.

Meet me at FOXWOODS, the “surprise location” for the event!

Amy and Jay, new Connecticutians. Her dress was GORGEOUS.

Kelly enjoys her delectable chocolate cake.

I try to talk Erin into eating some babies.

Afterward, we headed back to 124.

Overall, it was a really fun night. There were aspects of it that needed to be planned better (who in their right mind thought that we’d be able to get to Foxwoods in only an hour on a Friday afternoon?!), but it was nice that they extended it to make up for lost time. Food was good, music was good, good dancing, etc. It was pretty expensive, but it’s SENIOR WEEK! Bar lines were ridiculously long. To be honest, the dance was probably the most underwhelming event of the week. But that’s when you’re comparing it to the picnic.

COLLEGE GRAD Sunday, May 21 2006 

I did it.

It was good.

Now I’m going to take a nap and cry my eyes out before heading up to the Senior Farewell at the Levee.

I also was pleased to see my final grades — A in Comedy, A in my Dogwood independent study, A in my fiction writing independent study, A in Chambers, and B- in biology. Eh, can’t win em all. I finished with a 3.54 GPA. Cum laude — I’m happy. And my diploma is entirely in Latin.

Pics from the rest of senior week to be posted later.

GRADUATION DAY Sunday, May 21 2006 

Oh my God, I have to graduate in a few hours!!

NO, NO, NO, NO, NO!!!!!

College is AMAZING!! Seriously, if you have any time left in college, CHERISH IT. Every moment. Even the bad ones. Also, I’m insanely jealous of you.

Fairfield University — the greatest college on the planet.

And Senior Week begins! Wednesday, May 17 2006 

Music: Beastie Boys “Intergalactic”

Senior week started off with the Jesuit Social (aka cocktails with the priests) and Pub Night a few hours later. What a great time. I’ve realized that posting little pictures alongside a story, which is what I usually do, isn’t necessarily the best thing! Here are my favorite five pictures (since that’s all Blogger will let you post.)

Me, Kara and Caitie at Pub Night. I like this picture a lot. Soprano 2s — we’re never wrong!

I’d also like to give a shout out to Katie Hart, who gave me two drink tickets when I paid for one. But they were stuck together, so I’m sure she didn’t notice it. I didn’t even notice it! (Heh. Don’t fire her, please.)

Me and Jacquie (another Soprano 2!) at the Social. I like this because it looks like I’m feeling her up, but I’m actually holding a clear glass of wine.

Okay, I’m now realizing that this post is either very glee-centric, or I have no other friends. Heh. But here are several of the key players in the FU Glee Club Class of 2006 — John, me, Sean, Kara and Kelly.
A friend of mine, whose name shall not be mentioned to keep him out of trouble, snuck into the event and drew his rendition of the Levee stamp. It’s pretty good.

Kelly and Sean, looking like they just popped out of a 50s sitcom about friendship. Beyond adorable.

Both events were a LOT of fun! I really liked the band at Pub Night — the event had a Caribbean theme, so this was a Jamaican band that covered Top 40 hits. And it was great to hang out with all my fellow seniors, although there is one that isn’t here and that I’m missing a lot. My original co-gleek.

And secrets were shared. Good ones. And, all in all, it was quite the night. And Kelly fell asleep in front of The Daily Show when I got back.  😉

Surely there will be more posts in the future. Tomorrow’s the picnic at Holiday Hill.