Last night Lisa and I decided to check out the Route 1 scene, do a little pimping with the older set, and we ended up discovering Tequila’s, right between Home Depot and Chili’s, which features COUNTRY LINE DANCING! It was amazing. We hung back and watched for awhile, and then a guy in his 50s or so asked me to dance. I could follow him half-decently — a lot of them steps were similar to swing. And then Lisa and I started joining in the line dances. Now, those are HARDCORE.

First of all, there’s a different dance to just about every country song ever written. And everyone seems to know them — probably because they’re Saturday night regulars. So Lisa and I joined in (to “Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy,” which is practically Lisa’s theme song). And we had it pretty well by the end. However, a lot of the dances were insanely difficult — including “Dizzy,” which is pretty much just three and a half minutes of spinning. But it was so much fun! We just watched people and tried to do it.

I was checking out the band’s bassist, who was pretty much the only other person there about our age. As Lisa pointed out, he was my type — tall, thin, dark-haired. Musical. So after a set, we chatted him up — and he was an awesome, hilarious, (gay) guy. He was making fun of the hardcore country people, especially since at the moment, they were linedancing to Will Smith’s “Wild Wild West” in a country-hip hop style. He’s actually not a country fan. And we started talking about ourselves — Lisa told him about grad school, and I told him I worked in Boston. He asked if I were downtown, I told him Southie, and he goes, “By Summer and Melcher?” “Yeah, right there, actually!” I replied. It turns out that he used to live right there, and he parked in the garage next door to where I work! Weird.

Honestly, I’m looking forward to going back. It was an offbeat night. But next time, I am definitely wearing cowboy boots — they’re much easier to dance in than 4″ platform slides. And if you’re reading this and you want to go sometime, let me know! It’s so much fun.

Also, Lisa and I bought the bassist (Jason) a drink — only I forgot to give Lisa a few bucks for it. I’ll give it to you next time I see you!

Okay. That concludes the cowboy portion of this entry.

Yesterday morning, Sars started talking about The Moffatts — an alternative boyband of brothers that probably only became popular due to Hanson’s success. I vaguely remembered them, probably only from seeing posters of them in Tiger Beat and all that. Then, out of curiosity, I googled them and came up with their album, Chapter One: A New Beginning on Amazon. I played a few songs — and SANG ALONG TO EVERY WORD. I guess I not only used to have that CD, but LOVED it! And you know what? The lyrics are mostly cheesy, but as far as a Hanson-esque band of brothers can go, they’re really, really good.

Time to move Sars into college.